IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


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Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

Wi-Fi, short for “Wireless Fidelity,” refers to a wireless communication technology that enables devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to connect to the internet...

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WAN (Wide Area Network)

A Wide Area Network (WAN) refers to a type of computer network that spans a large geographical area, often connecting multiple local area networks...

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Web Server

A web server refers to a software application or hardware device responsible for hosting, processing, and delivering web content to users’ web browsers. When...

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Work product exemption

Work product exemption is a legal provision designed to ensure that certain documents and materials that may have been created during the course of...

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Web security

Web security refers to an organizational practice of adopting and implementing security mechanisms designed to protect websites as well as applications from unauthorized external...

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Wi-Fi is a wireless communication mechanism connecting various devices over a single local area network (LAN) via radio waves.

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Windows is a widely popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It provides users with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that can run on...

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Wireless network

Wireless network is a type of network that allows for seamless connection and communication of devices without physical cables, typically using radio waves.

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WAF (Web Application Firewall)

WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a security system capable of filtering and monitoring HTTPHTTPS traffic between various web applications to protect against common web...

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