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IAB EU Solution: We are proud to announce that’s Consent Management Platform is officially TCF v2.0 approved by the IAB

Securiti has been working closely with IAB EU to align our solution with their TCF v2.0 framework, and we’re proud to announce that Securiti’s Consent Management Platform is officially TCF v2.0 approved by the IAB. IAB EU TCF v2.0...

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Irish Guidance on Consent & Cookies – Grace Period ends on 5 October

On 6 April, the Data Protection Commission of Ireland (DPC) released a substantive Guidance Note on cookies (Guidance) and provided organizations a grace period of six months to ensure compliance. After the end of the six-month window, which is 5...

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Why you need to adopt Securiti’s Consent Management Platform

Since the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has released updated Guidelines on Consent, Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) have been reevaluating their practices in relation to governance, collection and management of users’ consent. Gone are the days of Cookie...

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