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LGPD Data Discovery: The step towards personal data compliance

Global privacy laws require organizations to map their data processing activities, tighten up their security measures, build customer trust, fulfill legal and moral obligations and fulfill data subject rights or face financial and reputational damages for non-compliance. But...

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How Sensitive Data Discovery Helps Secure PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Personally identifiable information (PII) is defined by the US Department of Homeland Security as information that can uniquely identify an individual, such as an employee, patient, customer, or donor. In addition to PII, “Sensitive PII” is data that,...

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Data Discovery with Snowflake: 5 Things You Need to Know

The digital landscape is experiencing exponential growth in data, with 2.5 quintillion bytes being produced every day. Organizations analyze data to discover behaviors, trends, and competition gaps, which further lead to more data patterns. The opportunities that data...

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Why Data Discovery is Essential for PCI DSS Compliance

Companies are producing and processing data in massive volumes. This data is then scattered across a multitude of environments, such as on-premise infrastructure, SaaS applications, or across multi-cloud IaaS platforms. Apart from a company’s regulated environment on-premises, a...

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Address Data Discovery Challenges with Automated Data Intelligence

Companies that are not leveraging big data may face imminent extinction, suggests a survey by Accenture. Data is an invaluable asset that allows organizations across the world to accelerate growth and foster innovation. But to examine that data...

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Data Discovery for Securing Sensitive Data on the Cloud

Data is moving to the cloud, creating a new challenge for organizations to protect their consumers’ data stored. The first step to securing sensitive data in the cloud is sensitive data discovery. This article describes the types of...

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How Data Classification Can Help You Comply with GDPR?

Data can be classified in a number of different ways, and classification entails organizing data into fixed categories that represent different types of data. Following are the categories in which data can be classified: Public data Confidential data...


CCPA Data Collection: What Do You Need to Know?

Privacy regulations drive organizations to be responsible custodians of their consumers' data. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), recently amended by the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) 2020 - requires organizations to follow CCPA guidelines when dealing with California...


Data Discovery for GDPR: Ensuring Personal Data Compliance

With an increase in data breach incidents coupled with an increasing rise of data privacy regulations all across the globe, organizations are now required to revisit their privacy practices and strategies on how they handle their consumers’ personal...

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8 Data Discovery Best Practices

With data growing at an unprecedented rate, organizations need to know what data they hold for data security & privacy as well as global compliance. While Data Discovery solutions have been traditionally utilized to get visibility into sensitive data,...




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