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Address Data Discovery Challenges with Automated Data Intelligence

Companies that are not leveraging big data may face imminent extinction, suggests a survey by Accenture. Data is an invaluable asset that allows organizations across the world to accelerate growth and foster innovation. But to examine that data...

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Everything you need to know about Exact Data Match Classification

Data is the most important asset for any organization and it’s their responsibility to keep it safe. That being said, in reality data breaches continue to be inevitable threats that organizations have to face from time to time....

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8 Data Discovery Best Practices

With data growing at an unprecedented rate, organizations need to know what data they hold for data security & privacy as well as global compliance. While Data Discovery solutions have been traditionally utilized to get visibility into sensitive data,...

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Sensitive Data Intelligence Driven Privacy and Protection

At Securiti we are excited to announce the availability of our newest offering Sensitive Data Intelligence that expands our product portfolio of privacy management software to address the challenges of data governance, risk and security teams, in a...

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