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Securiti Announces Integration with Microsoft 365 to Automate Data Privacy Management

Today, Microsoft announced General Availability of its Privacy Management for M365 that enables customers to safeguard their data and ensure better privacy. With this launch, Microsoft introduced several new features such as providing insights into privacy risks, automating...

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Exploring the Intersection of Data Privacy and Data Security

The transformation of the digital landscape has helped to clear the confusion between data being an asset rather than a commodity. Data is a “non-fungible” asset, as Jacky Wright, the Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft, puts it. It...

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Compliance Checklist for China’s Data Security Law (DSL)

China’s Data Security Law (DSL) went into effect on September 1st, 2021. DSL regulates the handling of data, ensures data security, promotes the development of data, protects Chinese citizens' and organizations’ lawful rights and interests. It also prescribes...

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Employer’s Data Obligation Under Thailand PDPA

Thailand has a comprehensive data privacy regulation, the Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”) that aims to protect the privacy of its citizens. The PDPA was said to go into effect on 27 May 2021. However, in May...

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Multicloud Data Security and Privacy for Hyperscale Environment

Recently  Srinivas Avarsala, VP, Product Management at Securiti and Norm Fjeldheim, former CIO at Illumina and Qualcomm discussed the challenges of multicloud data security and privacy in hyperscale environment. Today, multicloud strategy is widely deployed. Research suggests that...

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