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GDPR Cookie Consent: Requirements & How to Comply?

In today’s digital world, businesses collect a wealth of personal data, rely on it, and use it for assessing data subjects’ preferences, building their profiles, and sending targeted advertisements, promotions, customized products, and recommendations or suggestions that you...

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Privacy Training: Why Is It Required For Employees?

Users now expect a lot more from the businesses they deal with. It is not enough anymore to simply deliver the best product or service in the market. What happens after that has become equally important. This is...

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The Need of PrivacyOps Certification for Privacy Graduates

With the birth of cybersecurity and the privacy and security industry, privacy certifications have become the stepping stone for graduate students looking to gain an edge in this highly competitive job market. Whether you're a recent graduate or...

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Stipulated Breach Response Fines In Various Privacy Laws

The modern-day digital era makes it imperative for companies to have a swift and streamlined breach response framework to meet regulatory requirements and retain customer trust. Failure to comply with a timely breach response not only results in...

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New Data Protection Laws 2022

2022 will see several countries either pass new data protection laws or introduce amendments to existing laws.

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LGPD for Small Businesses and Startups

On January 28th 2022, Brazil’s national data protection authority, the ANPD, passed a major regulation which altered the application of the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD) on ‘small businesses’. This resolution was passed as per...

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An Overview of Proposed Changes to India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 (PDPB) has been in the deliberation phase since December 11th, 2019. Two years later, on December 16th, 2021, India’s Joint Parliamentary Committee submitted its highly anticipated report to the Indian Parliament on...

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Checklist of Asia Data Protection Laws

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Facebook & Google Face €210m Fine For Privacy Non-Compliance

If there were any lingering doubts about how seriously Europe takes its users' privacy in 2022, they were put to rest this week. Google & Facebook have been fined a combined €210m (£176m) by the Commission Nationale de...

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African Data Protection Laws

Africa is home to 1.37 billion people, and a majority of Africans use the internet daily, aided by the ongoing investment into its digital infrastructure. This has enabled companies to collect easily, process, and share the personal data...




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