Securiti Named a 2022 Cool Vendor in Data Security by Gartner

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A Quick Guide to Data Access Controls for Snowflake

What are Data Access Controls in Snowflake? Data Access Controls are an essential part of data governance for any database. These controls are necessary to protect data from unauthorized access and usage by malicious actors. In Snowflake, data...

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Snowflake Migration Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly adopting data-intensive applications and are choosing to migrate their legacy systems to the Snowflake data cloud, and this is expected to continue. Snowflake revolutionized data processing by enabling customers to process queries at lightning speed,...

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Securiti Joins Snowflake Governance Accelerated Partner Program to Automate Data Governance At Scale

Snowflake enables organizations to harness the incredible power of data to fuel their business decisions. This data-driven strategy often starts a virtuous cycle that motivates organizations to migrate, load and export more data to Snowflake. To ensure data...

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Data Discovery with Snowflake: 5 Things You Need to Know

The digital landscape is experiencing exponential growth in data, with 2.5 quintillion bytes being produced every day. Organizations analyze data to discover behaviors, trends, and competition gaps, which further lead to more data patterns. The opportunities that data...

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Security & Privacy Layers in Snowflake – Overview

Introduction The Snowflake data cloud is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to store and process data for business analytics, data science, data application development, data engineering, and other similar functions. Snowflake’s architecture allows storage and computation to...

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Autonomous Data Intelligence, Governance, Privacy, & Protection for the Snowflake Data Cloud

As progressive organizations move toward digital transformation, they realize the importance of utilizing data to uncover valuable insights that can improve customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, their bottom line. Snowflake has revolutionized data processing and analytics by designing...

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Data governance for Snowflake: What You Need to Know

What Is Data Governance? Data Governance (DG) is simply a process to manage data availability, usability, integrity, and security in enterprise systems. Data Governance is driven by an organization’s internal data management standards and policies. Effective Data Governance...

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GDPR Compliance for Snowflake – All You Need to Know

Today organizations collect and analyze vast volumes of data to find business insights and drive higher productivity and revenues. With 4,500+ active customers, Snowflake has become one of the leading cloud data platforms in the world. When using...

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Snowflake Security – The 4-Step Guide To Securing Sensitive Data

In today’s data-driven world, organizations in several industries collect Sensitive Data every time new users sign up for their services or buy a product. For instance, retail, healthcare, transportation, and financial services may collect a few Sensitive Data...




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