Securiti Named a 2022 Cool Vendor in Data Security by Gartner

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6 Expert Tips to enhance Security in Snowflake

As your organization processes petabytes of data in Snowflake, it is vital to protect any personal or sensitive data that might be present.

In this guide, you will learn 6 actions that experts recommend to enhance data security in your Snowflake instance. The top three recommendations are:

  • Discover, Classify, and Catalog all Personal and Sensitive Data in Snowflake
  • Use Snowflake’s Object tagging feature to track sensitive data
  • Mask Sensitive Data dynamically for risk-free data sharing

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Security & Privacy Layers in Snowflake – Overview

Introduction The Snowflake data cloud is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to store and process data for business analytics, data science, data application development, data engineering, and other similar functions. Snowflake’s architecture allows storage and computation to...

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Data governance for Snowflake: What You Need to Know

What Is Data Governance? Data Governance (DG) is simply a process to manage data availability, usability, integrity, and security in enterprise systems. Data Governance is driven by an organization’s internal data management standards and policies. Effective Data Governance...

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Snowflake Security – The 4-Step Guide To Securing Sensitive Data

In today’s data-driven world, organizations in several industries collect Sensitive Data every time new users sign up for their services or buy a product. For instance, retail, healthcare, transportation, and financial services may collect a few Sensitive Data...




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