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AI Powered
Distributed Perimeter of Security

Around Multicloud Data

Data Security

Create a distributed mesh of visibility & security around multicloud data.

Discover shadow data assets and build data
asset catalog for the multicloud

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Continuously monitor and remediate
data asset security posture

Discover, classify & label structured and unstructured sensitive data. Ensure that appropriate security controls are enabled on most sensitive data

Identify external and internals risks to data.
Risk Engine for Scoring, Attribution & Visualization

Policy based protections and alerts for the
distributed multicloud data

Enforce identity and role based based
access controls for sensitive data

Investigate data security issues and
take remediation actions

Continuous monitoring of compliance violations
to enable remediation actions

Multiple Deployment Models


Offered as a SaaS Service from
Securiti SaaS Cloud


Management & Reporting in Securiti SaaS Cloud. Scanning in Private Accounts using Securiti ElastiPods


Entire Offering in Customer’s air-gapped environments
Cloud Console

Democratize your data without compromising security and privacy
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