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Data Classification

Automatically classify
and organize data

Classify & label data to ensure appropriate security controls are enabled on most sensitive data in your organization

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Automatic Data Classification

Detect sensitive files such as medical and financial documents and more

Auto Labeling

Use labels to track and enforce security policies on sensitive files

Apply Metadata Tags

Use to indicate legal purpose of processing, retention period and more

Automatic Data Classification

Modern machine learning and pattern matching techniques help identify sensitive files such as consent forms, financial statements. Group files into categories such as sales, finance, academia.

Label data for effective security

Automatically apply sensitivity labels to files. Import labels from your Microsoft security center and apply them to files in Box, NFS, SMB and other unstructured data assets.

Prevent data leaks

Enforce security policies using sensitivity labels on your firewalls and proxies to prevent confidential data from leaving the corporate environment.

Enrich data for privacy workflows

Add metadata tags to files to indicate categories of personal data, purpose of processing for privacy use-cases.

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