IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


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The better you know and manage your data —including semantics, linkages and potential ambiguities — the more data you can potentially use for advanced analytics. The better your entitlement management and standardized access to the AI data pipeline are, the lower your residual risk of misuse will be.

In the complex world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the security of your AI data pipeline has taken center stage. Gartner® comprehensive report, "Securing your AI Data Pipeline," offers crucial strategy recommendations for security and risk management leaders, empowering them with the essential tactics to reinforce the protection of their AI data pipelines.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Data is only a portion of the AI workflow: The security of an AI system cannot be stronger than its weakest link, making it paramount to secure all aspects of the platform.
  2. Upstream controls on the AI data pipeline are vital: Mitigating downstream issues requires implementing controls early in the process.
  3. Data security controls are a priority: Metadata creation, differential privacy, data masking, tokenization, and fully homomorphic encryption are among the high-priority data security controls.
  4. Secure your analytical model: Data science workbenches, continuous data and model exploration, and resilient model development and deployment are key controls here.
  5. Inventory your data and capture metadata early: Use operational and business metadata, such as data classification and semantics, to do this effectively.
  6. Adopt a system view of data security: Focus on the entire AI data pipeline to ensure comprehensive security.
Gartner Report

To dive deeper into these insights and understand how they can be applied to your organization, access the full Gartner® report today. Take the first step towards enhancing your data security posture by understanding the intricacies of securing an AI data pipeline.

Gartner, Securing Your AI Data Pipeline 12 January 2023, By Joerg Fritsch
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