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CPRA vs CCPA vs GDPR: Key Changes & Differences

When the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it heralded a new age for data protection and privacy. Legislators across the world knew it was only a matter of time before their citizens started demanding...

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What is CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) & How to Comply?

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is California’s state legislation that deals with protecting the digital privacy of its residents. Going into effect on January 1, 2023, it mandates all businesses to audit their data collection, storage, processing...

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GDPR & UAE’s New Data Protection Law: Key Similarities To Know

On 28 November 2021, the UAE passed the Federal Decree-Law No. 45 of 2021, better known as the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL). It follows several other countries around the globe in coming up with concrete legislation that...

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US State Law Tracker

Leaders across the globe are tightening privacy laws in the midst of consumers’ growing concerns related to the privacy and security of their personal information. Most states in the US already have consumer privacy laws but with the...

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Unstructured Data 101 – Definition, Examples, Benefits & Challenges

Over the past few years, data has exploded. To put things into perspective, it is projected that by 2025, data will grow to over 180 zettabytes globally.

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Quebec Privacy Act

Data protection laws have taken center stage in several countries around the world. Governments are responding to the renewed need to keep their citizens' data secure. At the same time, users themselves now expect the organisations collecting their...

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France Data Protection Act

As a member of the European Union (EU), France is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, like all other EU nations, the country has its own interpretation of the GDPR to facilitate the law's implementation...

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What You Should Know About India’s Data Protection Bill (DPB) 2021

Introduced in 2019 as the Personal Data Protection Bill, the Data Protection Bill 2021 is now about to become part of the company’s legislature. In addition to personal data, it will also carry provisions on non-personal data, requiring...

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Switzerland’s Federal Act on Data Protection FADP

While Switzerland isn’t a part of the EU nor the EEA, the EU’s GDPR has compelled the Swiss government to bring forward data privacy laws following international standards. On 25 September 2020, the Switzerland government approved the Federal...

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Italy General Data Protection Regulation Overview

Italy is a member country of the European Union where the GDPR is fully effective. Italy implemented the GDPR on 19 December 2018 by revising its Personal Data Protection Code as certain sections directly conflicted with the GDPR....




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