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Sensitive Data Intelligence for AWS S3

Detect and protect personal data in your S3 buckets

The Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a web-service which allows for scalable storage solutions for data archival, backup, and recovery purposes.


As a simple, flexible and low cost storage solution, organizations can use S3 to archive large volumes of data. However, to comply with privacy regulations, administrators need to have visibility into all personal data in S3 and ensure it is adequately protected.


Securiti Sensitive Data Intelligence can help detect and protect personal
data in compliance with global security & privacy regulations.

Discover personal data

Analyze all objects stored in S3 buckets to auto detect all personal & sensitive data stored in them. Detect 120+ personal data attributes across various industries, regions and regulations.

Auto detect sensitive files
and classify them

Analyze & detect sensitive files stored in buckets such as financial statements, medical documents, tax forms and more. Apply sensitive labels to files according to your data classification policies.

Catalog & search unstructured data

Review and search any unstructured files & data from S3 on a dashboard. Develop content profiles based on specific PII or PHI data to identify total volume of sensitive files that impact an organization

Identify Data Risk

Assess data risk in S3 based on personal data attributes, data residencies, & S3 locations. A spike in risk score may indicate high risk activity such as hundreds of new objects added with credit card numbers.

Find data owners & fulfill DSRs in a timely manner

AI powered People-Data-Graph links all discovered personal data with its owners. People Data Graph can help honor’s Data Subject Rights (DSRs) by extracting personal data from every S3 object.

Review and revoke
excessive privileges

Review access policies for each bucket and revoke access in case of unauthorized access. Ex: Revoke public access for S3 buckets that contain credit card numbers

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for Multicloud, SaaS and Self Managed Data Systems & Apps