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Data Intelligence for Box

Detect sensitive and personal data in Box


Protecting sensitive content is a priority for all organizations, however, due to volume of sensitive content and

Solution’s Data Intelligence can help detect files that contain sensitive data, pinpoint their location and ensure data retention or protection policies are in place to comply with global security & privacy regulations

Discover all your sensitive data

Scan Box to find content that contains sensitive and personal information. Detect over 120 unique sensitive data attributes spanning various regulations, regions, and jurisdictions. Additionally, define and search your own sensitive data attribute.

Auto detect & classify sensitive content

Use modern machine learning and pattern matching techniques to detect and classify sensitive documents in Box such as financial statements, medical forms, tax documents etc. All sensitive content is available at your fingertips organized by categories, types, locations

Prevent data leaks and reduce accidental breaches

Add sensitivity labels to your content according to your data classification policies. Enforce access policies in Box and on your endpoints to ensure sensitive content is secure

Monitor data risk

Monitor your Box account for data risks such as a spike in sensitive content or cross-border content be monitored on your data risk dashboard or alert your security or privacy team

Comply with GDPR/CCPA by fulfilling DSRs in a timely manner

Identify personal data stored in Box, and link it with individuals or identities to address user’s requests for their data in a timely & accurate manner.

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