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Data is one of the fastest growing things on the planet and a huge driver of growth for companies. Due to the high value of data, it is the most frequent target in security attacks. With increasing data security and privacy risks, companies are looking at Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), an emerging technique, to protect sensitive data. With DSPM, organizations can gain real-time insights into sensitive data they hold, reduce data system vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorized access.

A DSPM implementation also presents a unique opportunity for organizations to leverage a common layer of sensitive data intelligence to unify data security, privacy, compliance, and governance controls. With a unified data controls approach, organizations can drive business results while optimizing for costs and risks. Join our panel of security experts as they discuss a wide range of DSPM topics including what it means, mistakes to avoid when choosing a DSPM solution, and the right implementation approach.

The session covers:

  • Build a layer of sensitive data intelligence across multiple clouds and SaaS apps
  • Eliminate security blindspots across Dark and Streaming data
  • Prioritize & remediate misconfigurations based on sensitive data context
  • Monitor data usage and prevent unauthorized access
  • Compare DSPM solutions on criteria such as accuracy, scalability, coverage, and cost
  • Improve collaboration with a unified data security, privacy, and governance approach


  • Mahmood Khan, CISO, CNA
  • Rehan Jalil, CEO, Securiti


  • Nikhil Girdhar, Sr. Director, Data Controls Cloud, Securiti

About the speakers

Mahmood Khan

Mahmood Khan

Global CISO, CNA

Nikhil Girdhar

Nikhil Girdhar

Sr. Director, Securiti

Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil

CEO, Securiti

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At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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