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In the midst of the current pandemic, businesses are facing unique challenges with regards to data privacy. It is expected that an even greater amount of personal and health data will be collected globally. Despite this increase in data collection, many organizations are facing tighter resource constraints and stringent regulatory obligations, such as CCPA which begins enforcement July 1st.

Learn how organizations are tackling these new challenges harnessing techniques such as robotic automation and a PrivacyOps framework to reduce costs and increase productivity. Join Doron Rotman, Managing Director and National Privacy Service Co-Leader for KPMG and Rehan Jalil, CEO of SECURITI.ai as they share their insights into the current state of data privacy and best practices organizations should consider embracing.

Key takeaways:


  • What are some of the new challenges emerging with regards to data privacy, including expanding collection of health data, contact tracing and more
  • How can organizations optimize their processes to better manage personal data across a wide range of on-prem and cloud data stores
  • How are organizations harnessing robotic automation to improve ROI and reduce privacy debt
  • How can a PrivacyOps framework increase productivity and improve accuracy

About the speakers

Doron Rotman

Doron Rotman

Managing Director, KPMG

Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil

CEO and Founder, Securiti

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