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Preparing for CCPA Enforcement in Times of Crisis

In the midst of the current pandemic, things are not business as usual, and yet business must go on. The California Attorney General has stated that they are going to continue to hold to the July 1st compliance enforcement date for CCPA despite the current COVID-19 crisis. To adapt to the times, we’ve converted our popular CCPA and PrivacyOps workshop series to a virtual workshop so we can continue to have valuable conversations with people regarding how to effectively prepare for CCPA.

CCPA gives broad rights to people on their personal data held by companies. These stringent requirements challenge traditional compliance and privacy management practices that have been driven by periodic manual surveys and assessments. Harnessing a PrivacyOps framework enables organizations to streamline privacy compliance. This approach leverages a real-time understanding of personal data and consents across your systems, and simplifies collaboration and orchestration across organizational silos to automate the various regulatory requirements.

This interactive workshop will feature insights on requirements and compliance best practices relevant for professionals across legal, data privacy, compliance, information technology, and information security.

Key takeaways:

  • Impact of CCPA on organizations and challenges in compliance
  • Automating discovery of personal information
  • Automating DSR fulfillment
  • Vendor Privacy Assessments
  • Consent Lifecycle Management


  • Josh Carter, Solution Architect,

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Thursday, July 09, 2020

9 AM - 10 AM



Securiti PrivacyOps Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM