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First Party Consent

If you are marketing to your customers through methods such as email or sms, you need to collect consent to meet compliance with privacy regulations. Create a preference center using Securiti’s intuitive builder and offer granular choices to keep opt-in rates high.

First Party Consent Management

Capture and Manage Real-time Consent Activity

Diverse Collection Points

Customizable endpoints based on branding, functionality and regulatory requirements

Extensive Support of Apps

Consent orchestration across a large number of applications

Consent Workbench

Easily honor consent revocations from offline or non-primary channels

Preference Management

Deploy a configurable consumer preference center

Zero-code Workflow Builder

Build configurable workflows to dynamically sync consent statuses across first and third party systems.

Consent Tracking

Maintain comprehensive records of consent for auditing and reporting

Flexible consent
collection methods

Build customized consent collection methods to gather and record consent from a variety of locations including websites, web-forms, SaaS applications and consent databases.

Flexible consent collection methods

Reporting Dashboard

Visualize consent at the visitor and organizational level using intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards. Capture consent records from every collection point along with timestamp, policy and source details.

Reporting Dashboard

Workflow Templates &
Consent Orchestration

Use pre-built consent workflow templates to sync consent statuses across 3rd party systems. Orchestrate consent across an extensive list of applications, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, MailChimp, MixPanel and more. Easily connect your 1st party system and add it to the workflow.

Workflow Templates & Consent Orchestration

Consent Workbench

Honor consent revocations easily from offline or non-primary channels. Manage the consent revocation through a streamlined, guided workflow, and automatically store a consent compliance audit trail.

Reporting Dashboard

Preference Management

Customize the preference center based on functionality, branding and user interaction requirements. Embed a link to immediately start collecting and honoring consent.

Flexible consent collection methods

Programmatic Consent Management

Handle consent events at scale and build consumer trust throughout the customer journey. Capture, query, and honor consent preferences instantly for a positive user experience.

Getting current consent for an individual identity

Build consumer trust

Identity synchronization is key to a consistent, trustworthy consumer experience

Consumer Preference Center

Put Your User First

Instantly deploy a responsive securiti-hosted page that provides transparent granular choices to your consumers

Positive Company Branding

Apply your company's branding and styling guidelines to ensure a seamless presentation

Broadest Coverage

Leverage 1000’s of pre-built connectors to automate compliance. Experience how an extensive library of integrations can save time and resources in managing your cloud privacy and security programs.

Engineered to
Solve Your Privacy Needs

Explore flexible APIs, turnkey JS, and no-code/low-code workflows that streamline the PrivacyOps framework. It has never been simpler to achieve global compliance.

Learn about Securiti for Developers

Build Trust
with customers

Create Your Privacy Center

At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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