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  1. 7 Data Governance Best Practices
  2. Indonesia’s Draft Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB)
  3. Road to Compliance with Automated DSR Fulfillment
  4. How Different Privacy Laws Treat Employees Vaccination Data?
  5. Discovering Dark Data – An Elusive Security & Privacy Risk in the Cloud
  6. Overcoming 7 Access Governance Challenges with Managing Data at Scale
  7. Abu Dhabi’s ADGM DPR
  8. CBUAE SVF Regulation
  9. UAE’s Federal Decree-Law No. 45 of 2021 on Personal Data Protection (UAE’s PDPL)
  10. Overview of UAE’s Federal Decree-Law No. (45) of 2021 on PDPL
  11. Six Different Insider Threats & How Autonomous Access Governance Can Reduce Your Risk
  12. Overview of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  13. 6 Expert Tips to enhance Security in Snowflake
  14. Overview of Rwanda’s Data Protection Law
  15. Overview of Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act
  16. Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Regulations (PDP Regulations)
  17. Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  18. Overview of Indonesia’s Draft Data Protection Law
  19. Global Privacy Compliance Checklist [Updated 2021]
  20. What is Data Governance?
  21. Kenya’s Data Protection Act 2019
  22. Data Privacy Laws and Regulations Around the World
  23. Ghana’s Data Protection Act 2012
  24. Uganda Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019
  25. The Ultimate Guide to China’s Data Protection Laws
  26. Securiti for Azure
  27. Securiti for AWS
  28. Overview of Saudi Arabia Personal Data Protection Law
  29. Global Data Subject Rights (DSRs) and Requirements
  30. Securiti for Oracle
  31. Saudi PDPL
  32. GDPR Legal Basis & Requirements for Collecting Personal Data
  33. China CSL
  34. China PIPL
  35. GDPR vs. POPIA: Comparing South African Version
  36. China DSL
  37. How China’s PIPL Compares to EU GDPR
  38. China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)
  39. What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)?
  40. Overview of Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China
  41. 6 Best Practices to Improve Privacy UX
  42. Securiti for Multicloud
  43. A Complete Guide to Employer’s Privacy Obligations
  44. Top 7 Employer’s Privacy Obligations
  45. What is China’s Data Security Law?
  46. Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act
  47. Colorado Privacy Act
  48. What is Colorado’s Privacy Act (CPA)
  49. What is Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act
  50. Bahrain PDPL
  51. Bahrain’s PDPL vs. GDPR
  52. What is the California Privacy Protection Agency?
  53. 7 Essential Tips to Prepare for the CPRA
  54. What is Data Mapping?
  55. CPRA vs. CCPA: What Has Changed and How Can Businesses Prepare?
  56. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Weebly
  57. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Magento
  58. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with BigCommerce
  59. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with SquareSpace
  60. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Blogger
  61. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Marketo
  62. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Umbraco CMS
  63. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Sitebuilder
  64. Integrating Securiti Cookie Consent with Shopify
  65. How to Setup Cookie Consent With HubSpot
  66. European Union’s Revamped Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)
  67. Careers
  68. CPRA
  69. CPRA vs. GDPR – The notable similarities and differences
  70. What do you need to know about South Africa’s POPIA
  71. Privacy Policy & Notice Management Brochure
  72. What is Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA) & How Do I Comply?
  73. Privacy Policy vs Privacy Notice
  74. Qatar DPL
  75. A Guide to Dynamic Privacy Policies and Notices
  76. Top 5 Data Security & Privacy challenges in Multicloud
  77. GCP
  78. Japan APPI
  79. 5 Critical Consent Requirements in an Evolving Cookie Landscape
  80. What is Consent Management Platform (CMP) & Why Do You Need It?
  81. Universal Consent Management Brochure
  82. IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy
  83. Workday
  84. South Korean PIPA
  85. Data Security
  86. Shadow Data Assets Discovery
  87. What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and how to implement it?
  88. Securiti + Snowflake Brochure
  89. Product Brochure
  90. Data Discovery Isn’t Enough. Meet Sensitive Data Intelligence
  91. How to Setup Cookie Consent Extension with Joomla
  92. Data Breach Management Brochure
  93. UAE
  94. What is Philippines DPA
  95. Philippines DPA
  96. State of Data Breach Notification Laws
  97. Sensitive Data Intelligence Brochure
  98. What is Irish Data Protection Act of 2018
  99. Hong Kong’s PDPO
  100. What is Hong Kong’s PDPO
  101. Salesforce
  102. Irish DPA
  103. Privacy Policy & Notice Management
  104. What is PDPA, Singapore
  105. Box
  106. LPPD vs GDPR
  107. How to embed the Cookie Banner on a Webflow Website
  108. How to Setup Cookie Consent with Google Tag Manager
  109. Adding a Securiti Cookie Consent Banner on a Wix Website
  110. Cookie Consent Integrations | Plugins & Setup Guides
  111. 8 Privacy Tips for a Successful Marketer
  112. Cookie Management Reseller Signup
  113. Cloud Data Migration
  114. Microsoft 365
  115. Snowflake
  116. India’s Data Protection Bill 2021
  117. The 7 Sins of Data Privacy Management
  118. State of Global Consent Requirements, Q1 2022
  119. Secure Cloud Data Migration
  120. LPPD
  121. ECL
  122. Abu Dhabi’s ADHICS
  123. Schrems II
  124. PIPEDA
  125. PDPA
  126. APPs
  127. DIFC
  128. Workflow Orchestration
  129. South Africa POPIA
  130. PDPA
  131. NZPA
  132. What is LPPD?
  133. What is Egypt’s Data Protection Law
  134. What is China’s Cybersecurity Law
  135. Universal Consent & Preference Management
  136. Cookie Consent Management
  137. Breach Management
  138. Data Protection
  139. Data Risk Managment
  140. Data Classification
  141. Policy Engine
  142. Sensitive Data Catalog
  143. Sensitive Data Intelligence
  144. Asset and Data Discovery
  145. What is LGPD and how to become compliant in 2021?
  146. LGPD vs GDPR
  147. LGPD vs CCPA
  148. Free Trial
  149. Knowledge Center
  150. What is GDPR
  151. Data Mapping Automation Brochure
  152. Data Mapping Automation
  153. What is CCPA
  154. CCPA vs GDPR
  155. Collateral
  156. Brochures
  157. Cookie Consent Management Brochure
  158. Internal Assessment Brochure
  159. Vendor Assessment Brochure
  160. Sitemap
  161. DSR Robotic Automation Brochure
  162. Securiti PrivacyOps Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™
  163. Terms & Policies
  164. Security & Compliance
  165. Fast Track
  166. Workshops
  167. Free CCPA Do Not Sell
  168. LGPD
  169. Partner Program
  170. Videos
  171. Blog
  172. Request Book
  173. Request a demo
  174. Contact Us
  175. Press Releases
  176. Webinars
  177. News Coverage
  178. Events
  179. About Us
  180. GDPR
  181. CCPA
  182. Solutions
  183. Auti Robotic Automation
  184. Secure Collaboration
  185. Internal Assessment Automation
  186. Vendor Assessment
  187. People Data Graph
  188. DSR Robotic Automation
  189. Homepage


  1. Facebook & Google Face €210m Fine For Privacy Non-Compliance
  2. Everything you need to know about Session Cookies?
  3. Understand Cookie Policy Requirements Under CCPA, GDPR & Other Laws
  4. African Data Protection Laws
  5. What is a Persistent Cookie?
  6. What are Advertising Cookies and How are they used?
  7. What Does European Commissions’ Adequacy Decision Mean?
  8. What You Need to Know About the UAE Data Protection Law
  9. UAE Data Protection Law Compliance Checklist
  10. A Quick Guide to Data Access Controls for Snowflake
  11. Operationalizing the EDM Council’s New Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) Framework v.2
  12. Snowflake Migration Best Practices
  13. What Are Tracking Cookies?
  14. Opt In vs Opt Out Consent: What’s the Difference?
  15. Important Takeaways From China’s Latest Draft Administrative Regulations on Network Data Security Management
  16. Workday focuses on GDPR employee data protections
  17. Everything you need to know about third-party cookies
  18. CCPA Data Discovery: The First Step Towards Personal Data Compliance
  19. CPRA Data Discovery: The step towards personal data compliance
  20. Luxembourg’s Guidelines on Cookies
  21. LGPD Data Discovery: The step towards personal data compliance
  22. Implementing the EDM Council’s CDMC Framework
  23. Securiti Joins Snowflake Governance Accelerated Partner Program to Automate Data Governance At Scale
  24. Understanding Workday Security: Meeting Compliance with Best Practices
  25. China Stresses for Data Exit Security Evaluation of Firms Seeking to Trade User Data
  26. Compliance Checklist for China’s PIPL
  27. How Sensitive Data Discovery Helps Secure PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  28. Securiti Announces Integration with Microsoft 365 to Automate Data Privacy Management
  29. Analysis of Apple’s iOS 14.5 Consent Prompt for Tracking
  30. Consent Requirements in Russia
  31. 10 major changes in China’s finalized PIPL
  32. Understanding the Value of Data Privacy Certifications
  33. Data Discovery with Snowflake: 5 Things You Need to Know
  34. Why Data Discovery is Essential for PCI DSS Compliance
  35. Security & Privacy Layers in Snowflake
  36. Address Data Discovery Challenges with Automated Data Intelligence
  37. How to ensure compliance with global consent requirements?
  38. Data Discovery for Securing Sensitive Data on the Cloud
  39. Multicloud Data Security and Privacy in Hyperscale Environment
  40. Here’s What ‘China’s GDPR’ Means For International Businesses
  41. Compliance Checklist for China’s CSL
  42. Autonomous Data Intelligence, Governance, Privacy, & Protection for the Snowflake Data Cloud
  43. Data governance for Snowflake: What you need to know
  44. Exploring the Intersection of Data Privacy and Data Security
  45. Trust and Compliance in an Evolving Cookie Landscape
  46. Compliance Checklist for China’s Data Security Law (DSL)
  47. GDPR Compliance for Snowflake – All You Need to Know
  48. Employee Personal Data Protection in China
  49. Snowflake Security – The 4-Step Guide To Securing Sensitive Data
  50. Understanding Cross Borders Data Transfers Under GDPR and PIPL
  51. What is Proof of Consent under GDPR?
  52. Employer Obligations on Employee Data Under Indian Law
  53. Employer’s Data Obligation Under Thailand PDPA
  54. Navigating Employee Data Through Australian Privacy Act
  55. Privacy Rights of Global Employees in the Era of Work from Anywhere
  56. European Commission’s Proposed Artificial Intelligence Regulation
  57. Employee Privacy Rights: Everything You Need to Know
  58. DSARs may include internal communication
  59. The HR Guide to Employee Data Protection
  60. Le Figaro fined €50,000 for lack of full cookie consent
  61. How to Manage Employees’ Data Under Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  62. What HR Need to Know About LGPD’s Employee Data Protection
  63. Protecting Employees’ Data Under New Zealand’s Privacy Act
  64. What GDPR Means For Employee Data
  65. Cookie and Consent Practices in Finland
  66. CPRA Employee Data Obligations
  67. Is Your Privacy Notice In Your User’s Language?
  68. Italy’s new Guidance on Cookies and similar Tracking Technologies
  69. Everything you need to know about CPRA data sharing requirements
  70. Notification of a Personal Data Breach under GDPR compliance
  71. Google delays its timeline to phase out third-party cookies
  72. EU Commission granted the UK Adequacy Status
  73. The Ultimate Guide to Cookie Laws & Regulations
  74. EDPB Guidelines on Targeting of Social Media Users
  75. Implementing efficient data collection & processing for GDPR compliance
  76. How Data Classification Can Help You Comply with GDPR?
  77. EU’s Revamped SCCs
  78. Compliance Checklist for South Africa’s POPIA
  79. The Future of Employee Data Under California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  80. A Step by Step Guide for Marketers to be GDPR Compliant
  81. What is Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerability & How to avoid it?
  82. Fines & Penalties for Non-Compliance with the CCPA
  83. The Impact of CCPA on Marketing: 2021 Survival Guide
  84. EDPB recommends collecting consent to store credit card details for future transactions
  85. GDPR Data Mapping: What it is and How to Comply?
  86. Right to delete under California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  87. European Parliament Rejects UK Draft Adequacy Decisions
  88. EU Parliament adopts Resolution on data transfers following Schrems II Ruling
  89. The Ultimate CCPA Compliance Requirements Checklist
  90. Updates on EU’s e-Privacy Regulation: What you need to know
  91. What is Sensitive Data & How to Determine it?
  92. Everything you need to know about Exact Data Match Classification
  93. CCPA Data Collection: What Do You Need to Know?
  94. CCPA Data Mapping: What Do You Need To Know?
  95. LGPD & Cookies: What Do You Need To Know?
  96. Cookie Banner: What is it & why you need one?
  97. EDPB Opinions on UK Adequacy: Strong Alignment but Challenges Remain
  98. Data Discovery for GDPR: Ensuring personal data compliance
  99. 8 Data Discovery Best Practices
  100. CNIL updated FAQs on cookies guidelines: Deadline to comply ends on 1st of April
  101. What are the Different Types of Consent?
  102. Email Marketing Requirements under GDPR and e-Privacy Directive
  103. Multicloud Data Security and Privacy for Hyperscale Environment
  104. Cookie Consent in the European Legal Framework: GDPR and e-Privacy Directive
  105. Denmark New Guidance (Quick Guide) on Cookies
  106. The role of treatment agents on the data subject’s right to informative self-determination
  107. Italy’s New Guidance on Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies
  108. Consent or Pay: Privacy Considerations with Cookiewall-Paywall Hybrid Solution
  109. CCPA Cookie Consent: What Do You Need To Know?
  110. The New EU e-Privacy Regulation Draft
  111. Post Schrems-II: 5 Essential To Dos For Transatlantic Data Flows
  112. The Future of Data Privacy Under The New Administration
  113. State of data privacy and security
  114. DSARs: What You Need to Know
  115. Compliance Checklist for New Zealand’s new Privacy Act
  116. International data transfers under New Zealand’s new Privacy Act
  117. LGPD: Data Protection and Information Security in Brazil
  118. Spanish Guide on the use of Cookies: Deadline to implement is Over
  119. Learn why every Facebook advertiser is at risk of CCPA non-compliance, and how should they respond
  120. What is new in the California Consumer Privacy Rights Act?
  121. Sensitive Data Intelligence Driven Privacy and Protection
  122. The Revised Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection
  123. What is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and why should you pay attention to it?
  124. CNIL Updated Cookie Guidelines
  125. IAB EU Solution: We are proud to announce that’s Consent Management Platform is officially TCF v2.0 approved by the IAB
  126. Irish Guidance on Consent & Cookies – Grace Period ends on 5 October
  127. Why you need to adopt Securiti’s Consent Management Platform
  128. Analyzing Assessments and Additional Safeguards for Cross Border Data Transfers post Schrems-II
  129. EDPB’s Updated Guidelines on Consent
  130. Schrems-II judgment opens door for complaints on EU-US transfers
  131. Thailand’s first-ever Personal Data Protection Act
  132. The e-Privacy Directive and the e-Privacy Regulation – What to Expect
  133. Evolve Your Data Mapping
  134. New Dubai Data Protection Law
  135. The Privacy Shield has been broken: What’s Next?
  136. Practical Implementation of the Changes Introduced by New Zealand’s New Privacy Act
  137. 10 Tips to Prepare for CCPA Enforcement
  138. The Solution to Overcoming Healthcare Compliance Challenges
  139. 6 Keys to Automating the DSAR Process Under CCPA
  140. How to Manage DSARs Under CCPA Efficiently and Effectively
  141. named “Most Innovative Startup 2020” for AI-Powered PrivacyOps, by RSAC 2020
  142. Accelerating business value with PrivacyOps
  143. When it Comes to CCPA, Manual Methods Can Kill You
  144. 4 Types of Personal Data Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  145. Wall Street Journal Highlights How Can Help Companies Comply with CCPA and Data-Privacy Laws


  1. Insights from Forrester Guest Speaker on the Evolution of Privacy Management in 2022 and Beyond
  2. Operationalizing the EDM Council’s New Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework
  3. The New HR Privacy Challenge – Seven Essentials for Compliance
  4. Democratize your data without compromising security and privacy
  5. China’s PIPL Law – How it Can Affect You and What You Need to do NOW!
  6. Privacy Rights of Global Employees in the Era of Work from Anywhere
  7. Building and Measuring Consumer Trust in an Evolving Cookie Landscape
  8. The Future of Global Privacy & Automation
  9. Achieving the Data Privacy, Security & Compliance Trifecta
  10. Meeting Consent Compliance in an Evolving Cookie Landscape
  11. The 7 Sins of Managing Data Privacy
  12. Multi-cloud Data Security and Privacy for Hyperscale Environment
  13. PrivacyOps – Data intelligence Driven Privacy Automation
  14. Exploring the Impact of CPRA on organizations
  15. CIO Panel “Exploring the intersection of Data Privacy and Data Security”
  16. The Privacy Dilemma
  17. Sensitive Data Intelligence Driven Privacy Automation
  18. Data Privacy & Protection for Hospitality and Travel Industries
  19. Navigating the Impact of “Schrems II” and Cross-Border Data Transfers
  20. Privacy Act 2020 – What you need to do to Comply
  21. Rethinking Data Discovery with Privacy Lens
  22. Evolve Your Data Mapping
  23. Trust vs Surveillance
  24. Lessons Learned: Navigating CCPA Compliance During a Global Pandemic
  25. Innovation from the Valley: How Silicon Valley is Responding & What it Means Post Pandemic to Australia & New Zealand
  26. Tackling Data Privacy in Times of Crisis
  27. Healthcare Data: Privacy + Security Automation
  28. Managing Privacy in Times of Crisis
  29. Processing DSRs – Lessons from the Early Days of CCPA
  30. Navigating the Perfect Storm of Personal Data for CCPA
  31. PrivacyOps: Rethinking Privacy Compliance as CCPA Becomes Reality
  32. Robotic Automation for CCPA Compliance with PrivacyOps
  33. A PrivacyOps Approach for CCPA and Beyond


  1. Repensando a Descoberta de Dados para demandas de privacidade
  2. LGPD: Como gerenciar dados pessoais com o titular no controle?
  3. Preparing for CCPA Enforcement in Times of Crisis
  4. Rethinking Data Discovery with a Privacy Lens
  5. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Francisco December 2019
  6. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Francisco October 2019
  7. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Menlo Park October 2019
  8. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Miami November 2019
  9. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Orange County October 2019
  10. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Phoenix October 2019
  11. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Diego October 2019
  12. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Tyson Corner November 2019
  13. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Atlanta November 2019
  14. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Dallas October 2019
  15. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Houston October 2019
  16. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Los Angeles October 2019
  17. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Jose November 2019
  18. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Seattle December 2019
  19. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Francisco February 2020
  20. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop San Francisco January 2020
  21. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop New York November 2019
  22. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Orange County February 2020
  23. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Orange Country January 2020
  24. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Orange County November 2019
  25. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Philadelphia November 2019
  26. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Detroit November 2019
  27. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Los Angeles February 2020
  28. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Los Angeles January 2020
  29. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Los Angeles November 2019
  30. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop New York January 2020
  31. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Boston November 2019
  32. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Boston January 2020
  33. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Chicago November 2019
  34. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Chicago February 2020
  35. CCPA and PrivacyOps Workshop Chicago January 2020



Securiti PrivacyOps Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM