Securiti Launches Industry’s First Solution To Automate Compliance


Data Discovery Isn’t Enough

By 2025, it is projected that data will grow 10x compared to today. It is also estimated that 50% of data will exist in private, hybrid, multi-cloud, or SaaS clouds.

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn why you should start with building a catalog of all shadow and managed data assets
  • Next, you’ll learn why you should enrich these sensitive data catalogs with privacy, security, and governance metadata
  • After that, you’ll learn how SDI helps discover sensitive and personal data across any structured and unstructured assets
  • SDI also contributes in developing a Sensitive Data Catalog with automated classification and tagging
  • Then, you will learn how Sensitive Data Intelligence helps in configuring a data risk posture
  • Towards the end, you’ll learn how you can link personal data with its owners to build a relationship map between the two


As organizations become increasingly dependent on customer data to guide their business strategies, personal data security and privacy risks are also increasing. To counter this threat, global regulations have stepped forward to ensure that organizations adequately identify and regulate sensitive data.

The big question though, is where to start?

This guide takes a deep dive into the data discovery and privacy solutions your organization needs and why traditional data discovery is not enough anymore. Modern organizations need smart solutions that have built-in automation. Sensitive Data Intelligence is precisely that.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

In general, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data determine how sensitive it is. Data that may be classified as sensitive is either confidential in nature i.e personal data, health records, and educational records. The source can also make it sensitive if it indicates a need for secrecy.
You can learn more about sensitive data in the guide above.

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