Securiti Launches Industry’s First Solution To Automate Compliance


Fulfill Data Subject Requests Reliably

Securely collect data subject requests, verify identities, fulfill requests, share encrypted responses with data subject and keep all records in one place.

DSR Robotic Automation

Key Features

Customize DSR Forms

Build customized DSR forms to suit a variety of needs

Identity Verification

Verify data subject identity to protect against identity and PI theft

Predefined DSR Workflows

Harness robotic automation for timely and efficient fulfillment of data subject requests

Automatic Linking

Use AI to link to data subjects personal information

Collaboration on Tasks

Enable stakeholders to safely collaborate on subject requests without sending PI data over email

Comprehensive Records

Collect a central repository of records for use in case of regulatory reviews, audits or lawsuits


Automate DSR Lifecycle

DSR Robotic Automation

Intelligently Map Personal Data with People Data Graph

Automatically find all personal data of an individual across hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems, building real time people data graphs.

Map Personal Data with People Data Graph

Utilize ML Based Robotic Automation

Automatically create appropriate ‘tasks’ for responding to an individual’s data subject request. Use pre-built and customizable workflows to automate DSR fulfillment.

Utilize ML Based Robotic Automation

Manage All Things DSR using DSR Workbench

Securiti’s DSR workbench provides up-to-date regulatory guidelines, correlated with DSR requests, enables real time reports, dynamic audit log and a single pane view for all DSR activities using the DSR dashboard.

DSR Workbench

Securely communicate with Data Subjects

Build a customizable portal for collecting data subject requests, verify their identity, and safely share results using encryption.

Securely communicate with Data Subjects

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems

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