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Securiti for Workday Autonomous Data IntelligenceTM

Sensitive Data Intelligence

Sensitive data understanding across multicloud and self managed systems.

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Create a distributed mesh of visibility & security around multicloud data.

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PrivacyOps Platform with robotic automation makes privacy simple.

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Achieve Broad Compliance with Global Data Regulations.

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Sensitive Data Intelligence

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Go beyond data discovery

Get deep insights into sensitive & personal data elements, privacy and security metadata, data risk, and security misconfigurations of your Workday instance.

Globally hyperscaling data analysis pods to scan large volumes of data in Workday

Detect & identify hundreds of personal and sensitive data elements types

Support for multiple workday module HCM, Talent, Payroll

Detect & classify hundreds of sensitive data elements in Workday such as workforce job role, title, wage, benefits, performance and more.

Visualize and detect sensitive and personal data in various modules such as HCM, Talent, Payroll as well as unstructured data such as file attachments and reports.

Build a relationship map between personal data and its owners. Enable timely and accurate fulfillment of DSRs, breach notification/response, and consent reports.

Provide a risk-centric view of sensitive and personal data within Workday with a clear breakdown of various contributors of risk.

Data Security


Identify high risk data and enable protections



One automated PrivacyOps platform for global data privacy compliance

Data Compliance


Fulfill data
governance requirements

Forrester Wave Leader in Privacy Management

Data Security

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Identify data risk & enable protection and control

Protect your workforce & contractor details including HR, payroll, contracts, vendor relationships from insider threats and external attacks.

Discover and remediate security misconfigurations

Monitor & track data security risks

Attain broad security compliance with continuous reporting

Uncover hidden
data risks

Identify hotspots by uncovering data risk in your Workday instance.

Enable Protections

Detect security misconfigurations associated with your Workday instance and set up automatic remediation.

Control Access

Continuously audit users & groups that have access to sensitive data in Workday and fine-tune policies.

Investigate Issues

Continuously audit users & groups that have access to sensitive data in Workday and fine-tune policies.


PrivacyOps automates your
data privacy functions

Automate data privacy functions across all your Workday modules.

AI & bots can automate DSRs fulfillment for your workforce

Dedicated privacy research team provides up to date regulatory guidance

Workflow orchestration automates privacy workflows

Up to date Records of Processing

Based on sensitive data discovered keep your HR, recruitment and talent management processes up to date & dynamically update RoPA and Article 30 reports.

Automate privacy rights for employees, contractors, applicants

Capture & fulfill DSR requests with Robotic automation by extracting personal data from Workday across various modules such as HCM, Talent, Payroll.

Dynamic assessments for HR and Talent management activities

Trigger PIAs and DPIAs based on sensitive data discovery/drifts, risk & centrally track organizational level risk in a risk register.

Streamline breach notifications for your workforce

Swiftly identify impacted workforce accounts and users in your Workday instance & notify impacted individuals and authorities based on regulatory requirements & their compromised data.

'Most Innovative Award' by RSA

Continuous Compliance

Achieve Broad Compliance
with Global Data Regulations.

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Data Security

Data Security

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Multiple Deployment Models


Offered as a SaaS Service from
Securiti SaaS Cloud


Management & Reporting in Securiti SaaS Cloud. Scanning in Private Accounts using Securiti ElastiPods


Entire Offering in Customer’s air-gapped environments
Cloud Console

AI Powered
Data Privacy, Security & Compliance

Bedrock of Privacy




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