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Innovate with confidence with Autonomous Data IntelligenceTM for your Snowflake Data Cloud

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Sensitive Data Intelligence

Sensitive data understanding for snowflake across data cloud and self managed systems.

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Create a distributed mesh of visibility & security around multicloud data.

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PrivacyOps Platform with robotic automation makes privacy simple.

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Governance & Compliance

Achieve Broad Compliance with Global Data Regulations.

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Sensitive Data Intelligence

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Discover & protect sensitive
data in Snowflake

at petabyte scale within minutes.

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Run inside your Snowflake environment

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Discover sensitive data in structured & unstructured columns

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Automated, dynamic or static masking of sensitive data for any data system

Snowflake Containers

Securiti SDI automatically detects hundreds of personal and sensitive data elements across industries, regions and regulations stored in Snowflake.

Data Discovery

Based on data discovery, automatically build and enrich data catalogs related to sensitive information in Snowflake. Search or find exact locations of data elements in tables and columns with the processing purpose.

Data Catalog

AI-powered People Data Graph builds a relationship map between discovered personal data and its owners. People Data Graph enables timely and accurate fulfillment of DSRs, breach notification/response, and consent reports.

People Data Graph

Develop and customize your data risk posture based on sensitivity, location, user residencies/cross border transfers and data density. Compare and contrast data risk over time & across your assets, locations, owners to identify data risk hotspots & prioritize necessary remediation.

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Sensitive Data Intelligence️ Enables️

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Identify high risk data and enable protections

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One automated PrivacyOps platform for global data privacy compliance

Data Compliance
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Governance & Compliance

Fulfill data
governance requirements

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Identify data risk & enable
protection and control

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Discover & enable policy-based remediation for security misconfigurations

Monitor Data Risk

Monitor & track data security risks

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Attain broad security compliance with continuous reporting

Data Risk

Monitor & uncover your hidden data risks

Develop and customize your data risk posture based on sensitivity, location, user residencies/cross border transfers and data density. Compare and contrast data risk over time & across your assets, locations, owners to identify data risk hotspots & prioritize necessary remediation.

Data Security Posture

Scan and optimize security posture

Continuously audit IAM, privileged access, data protection, backup & recovery settings of your Snowflake account and set up automatic remediation for misconfigurations before they are exploited.

Data Acces

Govern access to sensitive data

Review specific users/groups that have access to sensitive data in Snowflake and fine-tune access policies if they are too broad to prevent exposure to unauthorized users.

Investigate Issues

Investigate Issues

Search & filter through all your data security alerts to prioritize remediation & aid in investigation efforts.

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PrivacyOps automates your data privacy functions

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AI & bots can automate fulfillment of individual rights

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Automtcally build records of processing for data inside snowflake

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Workflow orchestration automates privacy workflows

Up to date Records of Processing

Based on sensitive data in Snowflake dynamically update RoPA and Article 30 reports. Trigger PIA/DPIA assessments upon sensitive data drifts & centrally track flagged risks in a risk register for easier reporting & resolution.

Data Mapping Automation

Manage individual privacy rights with automated DSRs

Capture & fulfill DSR requests with robotic automation that extracts personal data from Snowflake & other structured and unstructured assets & links it with their owners. Share DSR reports with individuals over a secure portal to prevent personal data sprawl.

DSR Automation

Capture and honor user consent automatically

Use data aligned with universal consent.

Consent Automation

Streamline breach notifications

Swiftly identify impacted users & compromised data in your Snowflake instance. Utilize built-in privacy research to notify required regulators/users within hours of a breach in compliance with any global regulation.

Breach Management
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Monitor changes & drift in data, security settings and access policies to set up automated remediation. Map up to date security controls to various compliance reports such as ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR and more to ensure they are always current.

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Data Security
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Data Security

Security Regulations
Data Privacy
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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Regulations

"We are excited to partner with Securiti for its innovative solution that enables comprehensive intelligence, protection and privacy controls around sensitive data. This deeper integration with Snowflake can help allows our customers and developers to keep the velocity of innovation and effectively fulfill their key data obligations"

Vikas Jain, Head of Products - Security of Snowflake

In addition, we also support
Multicloud | SaaS | Self managed environments

Bedrock of Privacy

At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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