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Simplify Breach Prevention and Response with Automated Data Breach Analysis

Automate data breach analysis before or after an incident. Provide clear insights into the data breach radius, its financial impact, and global regulatory obligations. Ensure accurate and timely notifications to those impacted by the breach.

Data Breach Analysis Hero

Key Features

Automate Impact Discovery

Identify precise individuals impacted by a breach across all connected systems with people data graphs.

Deep-Dive with Granular Impact Analysis

Drill deep into specific data elements that were compromised due to a breach.

Broad System Coverage

Out-of-box support for hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems across multicloud, SaaS, on-prem and data warehouses.

Integrate Regulatory Insights

Harness built-in regulatory insights and residency of individuals to align with appropriate requirements.

Customize Notifications

Generate accurate notifications in a timely manner with customizable templates.

Review End-to-End Data Breach Lifecycle

Manage the entire data breach lifecycle, from incident reporting, to assessments and audit logs.

Discover Impacted Individuals and Data

Leverage People Data Graphs to automatically identify precise individuals impacted by a data breach. Avoid over notification or under notification to minimize risk and damages.

Discover Impacted Individuals and Data

Scalable Across Multiple Data Systems

Native support of hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems results in a breach analysis that covers large scale, hybrid cloud environments, including SaaS, IaaS, data clouds and on-prem.

Scalable Across Multiple Data Systems

Precise Data Breach Impact

Detect specific personal data elements that were compromised or stolen, and understand precise breach impact based on appropriate regulations.

Precise Data Breach Impact

Global Regulations Covered

Automate discovery of global regulations that an organization must comply with based on the impacted individual’s location and regulatory requirement.

Global Regulations Covered

Timely, Relevant Notifications

Deliver timely and measured notification of individuals as required by applicable regulations, avoiding fines or penalties.

Timely, Relevant Notifications

Data Breach Lifecycle

Provide a single dashboard consolidating all reported incidents, resulting in an efficient review process of the breach and end-to-end management of the data breach lifecycle. Track incident reporting, assessments and detailed audit logs and securely collaborate with key stakeholders.

Data Breach Lifecycle

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems

DataControls CloudTM

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At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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