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AI Security & Governance

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AI Security & Governance

Securiti AI continues to innovate, bringing a comprehensive AI Security & Governance solution to market that enables organizations to safely use AI. It addresses the critical need for comprehensive governance strategies that go beyond basic risk assessments, offering a holistic understanding of AI utilization, system mapping, continuous monitoring, and granular controls to ensure robust end-to-end AI governance

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Discover and Catalog AI Models

Discover and catalog AI models in use across public clouds, private clouds, and SaaS applications.

Automatically discover AI models in public clouds

Collect AI model details from SaaS and internal projects

Catalog AI models for full visibility, including shadow AI

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Discover and Catalog AI Models

Assess and Classify AI Model Risks

Evaluate risks related to AI models from IaaS and SaaS, and classify AI models as per global regulatory requirements.

Assess AI model risks

Evaluate AI models for toxicity, bias, efficiency, copyright, and disinformation

Classify AI systems per global regulations

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Automatically Track Data Flows

Map and Monitor Data+AI

Map AI models to data sources, processing, potential risks, and compliance obligations, and monitor data flow.

Map AI models to data sources, monitor data flow

Map AI models to data, vendors, risks, compliance

Trace privacy, security, ethical risks

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Data Quality

Implement Data+AI Controls

Establish controls on use of data and AI.

Mitigate AI security risks such as OWASP top 10 issues for LLMs and NIST Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks.

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Implement Data+AI Controls

Comply with Confidence

Conduct assessments to comply with standards such as NIST AI RMF, EU AI Act, and more than twenty other regulations.

Access a comprehensive library of global AI regulations

Automate compliance checks, generate reports

Reduce legal and reputational risks

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Comply with Confidence

By 2026, organizations that operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) transparency, trust and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% improvement in terms of adoption, business goals and user acceptance.

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5 Steps to AI Governance:
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