Securiti Launches Industry’s First Solution To Automate Compliance


Data Intelligence for Salesforce

Detect personal and sensitive data in Salesforce


While data aids in business decision making, global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CPRA require organization to identify personal & sensitive data & use only for its intended purpose and implement adequate protection.

Solution’s Data Intelligence can help detect and protect personal data in compliance with global security & privacy regulations.

Discover sensitive data

Scan your Salesforce account to auto detect all personal & sensitive data stored in your application. Detect 120+ personal data attributes across various industries, regions and regulations

Reveal all sensitive data records

Detect all personal data records in schemas, tables and columns. Simply search for a specific PII such as SSN in the Data Catalog to identify exact columns where SSNs are located.

Identify Data Risk

Assess data risk in Salesforce based on personal data attributes, data residencies, & instance location. For example: A spike in risk score may indicate high risk activity

Find data owners & fulfill DSRs in a timely manner

Identify personal data stored in Salesforce, and link it with individuals or identities to address user’s requests for their data in a timely & accurate manner.

Protect PII and PHI

Enforce data security on a wide variety of standard and custom fields. Orchestrate obfuscation controls such as data encryption on specific columns with sensitive data.

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