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Sensitive Data Intelligence

across multicloud, SaaS and on-premises

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Data Intelligence
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Break Silos of Data & Risk Understanding

across Hundreds of Type of Data Systems

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Discover Shadow
Data Assets

Detect shadow & native data assets across major cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) & extract them into an asset catalog.

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Data Asset Discovery

Discover Sensitive

Discover, classify and label hundreds of sensitive data elements in multicloud and self-managed structured and unstructured data systems at petabyte scale.

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Discover Sensitive Data

Build a Searchable
Catalog of Data

Search and visualize distribution of sensitive data elements in your structured & unstructured data systems. Synchronize with any third-party data catalogs to populate metadata associated with tables or columns.

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Sennsitive Data Catalog

Connect Personal
Data with its Owners

Build a relationship map between discovered personal data and its owners. Enable timely and accurate fulfillment of DSRs, breach notifications and consent reports.

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People Data Graph

Uncover Data Risk

Identify data risk hotspots in your environment with a clear breakdown of risk drivers such as specific data elements, data locations, user residencies and more.

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Data Risk

Sensitive Data Intelligence




Protect sensitive data

Uncover hidden data risk
Discover & remediate security posture
Investigate data security issues



Automate privacy obligations

Fulfill DSR requests
Keep RoPA up to date
Capture and honor consent

Data Compliance

Governance & Compliance

Govern access to sensitive data

Monitor user access
Automate data masking
Continuous compliance with regulations


Data Discovery Isn’t Enough Meet Sensitive Data Intelligence

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