Securiti Launches Industry’s First Solution To Automate Compliance


Deep Data Discovery

Find data assets, and discover personal and sensitive data in structured and unstructured data systems, across on-premises and multi-cloud.

Asset and Data Discovery

Key Features

Catalog all Data Assets

Gather on-premises, hybrid & multicloud data assets into a single catalog

Extensive Connectors

200+ native connectors to connect with on-premises, hybrid & multicloud assets

Deep Discovery

Built-in detection for hundreds of personal and sensitive data attributes

Wide Industry Coverage

Out-of-the-box detection of data attributes specific to 20+ categories across industries

Regional Coverage

Includes personal attributes specific to EU, Latin America & Asia

Identify Regulated Attributes

Detects & highlights special attributes identified under GDPR, LGPD, CCPA

Collect and Catalog
all Data Assets

Connect with configuration management databases (CMDBs) and cloud providers (Ex: AWS, Azure, GCP) to collect all data assets into a single repository. Catalog databases, data warehouses, object stores, file stores and more.

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Collect and Catalog

Deep Discovery

Discover hundreds of personal & sensitive data attributes such as name, address, credit card number, social security number, medical record number and many more in any structured & unstructured databases.

Deep Discovery

Identify Regulated Attributes

Detect special attributes that require disclosure under GDPR. For example: race, religion etc.

Identify Regulated Attributes

Wide Industry Coverage

Built-in support for industry specific attributes in healthcare,
financial services, legal, government, education and more.

Wide Industry Coverage

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems

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