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Sensitive Data Intelligence for Microsoft 365 (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Outlook)

Detect personal data and sensitive files in O365

Microsoft O365 is the ubiquitous productivity suite for every business worker. Users rely on Office products such as OneDrive and SharePoint to collaborate with their co-workers.


With the rise of O365 and online collaboration users can have hundreds of sensitive documents in OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Outlook mail attachments


Securiti Sensitive Data Intelligence can help detect and protect personal
data in compliance with global security & privacy regulations.


Discover personal data

Scan your Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Outlook to find personal and sensitive data in files and attachments. Detect 120+ personal data attributes out-of-the-box.

Auto detect sensitive files
and classify them

Auto detect sensitive files in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Outlook such as financial statements, tax forms etc containing PII and PHI.

Data Classification
Personal Data Explorer

Catalog & search unstructured data

Review all unstructured files & data from OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Outlook on a dashboard. Develop content profiles based on specific PII or PHI data to identify total volume of sensitive files that impact an organization.

Identify Data Risk

Assess data risk based on personal data attributes, data residencies, & asset location. A spike in risk score may indicate high risk activity such as a user adding hundreds of files in OneDrive that contain medical record numbers.

Microsoft 365 Data Risk Identification
365 identify data owners

Identify data owners & fulfill DSRs in a timely manner

AI powered People-Data-Graph links discovered personal data to its owners.
People Data Graph can help honor’s Data Subject Rights (DSRs) by extracting personal data from OneDrive, SharePoint online, and Outlook.

AI Powered
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for Multicloud, SaaS and Self Managed Data Systems & Apps

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