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Mitigating Risk while harnessing Generative AI

Join Jack Berkowtiz, CDO of ADP and Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti
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Jack Berkowitz

Jack Berkowitz

CDO, Securiti

Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil

CEO, Securiti

The rapid rise of Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, Bard, Vertex and more, is the latest example of how data leaders must constantly balance the need for enabling innovations around data with ensuring their organizations address all of their data obligations. These new technologies promise many exciting new opportunities to improve and streamline processes in just about all areas of the business, including marketing, customer service, engineering and more. At the same time, harnessing these new tools and their Large Language Models (LLMs) comes with risks that must be managed.

Jack Berkowtiz, CDO of ADP and Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti, explored how data leaders are navigating governance around these emerging technologies, and how a framework of unified data controls across silos can help accelerate innovation. They explored:

  • Unique challenges of governing data in the Generative AI era
  • Building policies and controls that adapt to rapidly evolving data landscapes
  • How to effectively work across silos of privacy, governance and security
  • Key considerations in selecting platforms to manage and govern sensitive data
  • Best practices for adopting Generative AI responsibly


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