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Securiti Joins Snowflake Governance Accelerated Partner Program to Automate Data Governance At Scale

Published November 16, 2021 / Updated November 22, 2023

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Snowflake enables organizations to harness the incredible power of data to fuel their business decisions. This data-driven strategy often starts a virtuous cycle that motivates organizations to migrate, load and export more data to Snowflake.

To ensure data in Snowflake is used in safe and responsible ways, organizations lean on data governance frameworks to manage their data, reduce their data risk, and meet various data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and more. Snowflake recommends one such framework for data governance that includes the following key pillars:

  1. Know their data - what data is in Snowflake & who has access to it.
  2. Protect their data - control access to data based on role and responsibilities.
  3. Unlock their data - by making it easier to share and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

To accelerate the deployment and adoption of this framework, and encourage more organizations to move their data into Snowflake, Securiti is joining the Snowflake Governance Accelerated partner program. With this partnership, Securiti demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our customers and partners to provide the best-in-class data governance, security and privacy functions inside Snowflake at scale.

As a part of the Governance Accelerated program, Securiti is delivering these key features by orchestrating and leveraging native functionality in Snowflake. With Securiti, organizations can achieve greater visibility into sensitive data, protect sensitive data & confidently share their data with internal/external stakeholders without deploying any additional software. Let’s look at some of these capabilities made available in the context of current IT and data environments.

Today, most organizations have to manage large volumes of data in Snowflake (typically petabytes). This data arrives from various sources, and it is challenging for data governance teams to know what data elements are loaded into Snowflake and who has access to it. Without insights into sensitive data, organizations are exposed to significant security and privacy risks. With Securiti’s Sensitive Data Intelligence (SDI), organizations can discover & classify hundreds of sensitive data elements in their Snowflake schemas, tables, and columns. Furthermore, Securiti catalogs structured and unstructured data elements or Character Large OBjects (CLOBs). Data governance can leverage Securiti to automatically add necessary business context & object tags to Snowflake tables and columns. The added tags can be used to enforce governance policies & mitigate unauthorized access to sensitive data and ensure they meet any audit, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Further, to protect sensitive data, Securiti provides data governance teams the ability to automate dynamic data-masking policies. Inside an organization, various teams use Snowflake for projects such as moving data in/out, running models, business reporting, analytics, etc. Depending on the project, users may not need to access sensitive data stored in tables. For example, a financial analyst working for a bank may not need access to SSNs, but only transaction amounts. Based on patterns of data breaches, we know that over-provisioned access often leads to data privacy and security breaches such as data used for non-approved purposes. To address this concern, the data governance team can create a view each time it needs to grant access to a subset of a table. However, this is not scalable as the number of views can grow large and become unmanageable. With Securiti, customers can leverage Snowflake’s built-in dynamic data masking capabilities to enforce fine-grained policies to protect sensitive data that ensure data isn’t exposed to any unauthorized use.

Finally, Securiti can harden the Snowflake environment by continuously monitoring for data risk and security posture settings in Snowflake, so organizations can safely share and collaborate with their data in a secure manner.

Besides Snowflake, Securiti provides native integration with 250+ on-premise, multi-cloud, and SaaS data systems. Using these integrations, organizations can easily discover sensitive and personal data stored in their data systems and streamline their data governance, security, and privacy functions in a single platform. With these capabilities in place, Securiti can help organizations mitigate risk of data breaches, protect individual privacy rights, and address global data regulations such as NIST, PCI, GDPR, and CCPA.

Omer Imran Malik

Authored by Omer Imran Malik

Omer Imran Malik (CIPP/US, CIPM) is a data privacy and technology lawyer with significant experience in advising governments, technology companies, NGOs and legislative think-thanks on data privacy and technology related legal issues and is an expert in modeling legal models for legal technology. He has been a prominent contributor to numerous esteemed publications, including Dawn News, IAPP and has spoken at the World Ethical Data Forum as well.

His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the industry make him a trusted source for cutting-edge insights and information in the ever-evolving world of data privacy, technology and AI related legal developments.

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