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Combine Consent and Customer 360 with Securiti + Snowflake

Published May 2, 2024

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The following is a special, co-authored blog with Snowflake featuring Naveen Allen Thomas, Senior Cloud Architect Snowflake and Jocelyn Houle, Senior Director Product Management Securiti.

When it comes to digital transformation and customer relationships, companies large and small, across industries share a common goal: they all want to unlock business value from their data. To that end, they also face a common problem: their data is increasingly complex and difficult to manage, living in various multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem systems.

This siloed data not only creates a challenge for security, privacy, and governance oversight, but it also makes it extremely difficult for marketing professionals to effectively plan and execute relevant, personalized campaigns that will drive business value, enhance customer relationships, and comply with customer consent policies and regulations.

From Days and Months to Hours - Personalized Campaigns at Camping World

"Integrating customer consent into our Customer 360 view is not just a regulatory necessity; it's a strategic advantage. It enables us to execute digital campaigns that are not only timely and effective but also deeply respectful of our customers' preferences and privacy. This approach not only meets compliance standards but also builds trust and enhances the customer experience, laying the foundation for sustained engagement and loyalty."

Benefits to Camping World

Data Integration Efficiency: Now it is faster to synchronize consent information with customer profiles, where previously manual processes and disparate data sources can cause delays and inconsistencies.

Real-time Campaign Adaptation: Now campaign targeting is quicker in adjusting to consent changes, whereas before, you risk creating a lag in updating preferences that could result in irrelevant or unwanted communications, risking customer dissatisfaction and potential non-compliance.

Privacy Compliance Streamlining: Now compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA is more efficient, avoiding the complexity of tracking and implementing consent across multiple systems.

Customer Trust Enhancement: Now trust-building through transparent and customer-respected marketing practices is more effective leading to expanded engagement and trust.

Why Do Marketers Care About Customer 360?

More than ever, personalization and speed characterize the purchasing mindset. Customers are moving faster, their buying behavior evolving with ever-changing technologies, and their expectations for relevant, personalized marketing experiences increasing. Driving business value from mass-marketing efforts like email blasts and one-size-fits-all promotions is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, customers expect to be treated as a single entity by the businesses they work with. Often, this expectation is inconsistent with the company’s very structure: a single individual’s data may live in various siloed business units, bodies, groups, or service lines. Across an entire enterprise, a customer who expects to be treated as the single entity they are can have various pieces of personal data scattered in different databases that are used for different purposes, with no connection to the others.

For marketers to effectively stand up personalized campaigns that reach the right customers with the right message a the right time, they must wrangle all of this disparate data across the systems they know about (to say nothing of the ones they don’t), which can take weeks of manual collection and segmentation efforts, often resulting in lists that are unreliable or too insignificant to justify the campaign cost in the first place. This is a massive lift with unpredictable payoff, often resulting in unnecessary costs that could be avoided by having all the data consolidated in one unified environment that serves as a single, trustworthy source of truth.

The Role of Consent in Customer 360

Adding a layer of complexity to the customer 360 experience is the role of consent, which is key for a marketer to determine if they are speaking to the right customers in the first place. Even if a marketer has a comprehensive view of their customer paired with a relevant offer that would be perfect for them, the time is wasted if the customer hasn’t offered their consent.

Plus, in siloed systems, customer consent can be hard to find or confirm. Consent does not involve just one action — or stop at cookies placed on a device. Like all customer data, it is constantly changing and appears in various contexts across multiple lines of business — from servicing to payment to full-on marketing, and, from the perspective of many regulatory bodies, the intent behind the consent matters. Violation of customer preferences can not only hurt brand reputation but also result in regulatory noncompliance, especially in industries like finance.

Data Is Critical but Increasingly Difficult to Manage

The untapped potential from siloed and scattered data has been a longstanding challenge for technology and business teams alike for decades — and, with the rapid adoption of technologies like GenAI and the moving target of global and local regulations, the challenge grows more complex and nuanced every day.

Marketers need to gain full visibility into their data to provide excellent, personalized customer experiences, build trustworthy customer relationships, and drive business value. At the same time,  they must ensure that their customer data is secure, compliant, and well-managed by:

  • ensuring the privacy of individuals’ data
  • properly managing and governing data usage within the organization
  • effectively protecting and securing data from internal and external threats
  • successfully achieving ongoing compliance with hundreds of global regulations

A Full Customer 360 View with Securiti + Snowflake

Just as the problem grows more complex, the approach to the problem also grows more sophisticated, with technology solutions providing businesses full visibility into all their data everywhere — even the most scattered, legacy, unwieldy data they possess. Securiti and Snowflake come together to combine the power of a unified Data Command Center that discovers, catalogs, secures, and offers full context into all of your data — from public clouds, private clouds, SaaS clouds, and on-prem systems — with a comprehensive Customer 360 view that breaks down silos and makes data safely accessible to marketers.

The partnership translates first-party and third-party data into business data that is accessible for use by lines of business that rely on accurate, up-to-date customer data to drive revenue and enhance customer relationships. With a single source of truth that integrates with hundreds of other systems, layers in global regulations and company policies, and enables reference managing and reporting, marketers can easily access the tools they need to create consistent, relevant messaging.

Combine Consent and Customer 360 with Securiti

With access to all relevant customer data, teams also unlock a view into all consent data to manage the entire consent lifecycle from collection to reporting, including:

  • collecting user content on any platform (mobile, app, web)
  • aggregating consent into a single location or platform
  • allowing users to update their preferences at any time
  • orchestrating user consent across all systems, apps, and databases

Benefits of a Single Source of Truth for Customer 360

Having a single trusted source is critical to identify who the customers are that you want to communicate with, what type of marketing campaign would be relevant to them, and where and when to reach them. The Snowflake + Security offering addresses multiple customer 360 use cases, including:

  • Marketing transformation: Personalization across channels and devices like web and mobile to support cross-sell offers and micro-segmentation for campaigns
  • Marketing personalization: Triggers like next-best action, next-best experience, next-best offer, and so on
  • Targeted and optimized sales: Account and contact 360, hierarchy and graph relationships, proactive organization and personal event triggers, and suppression indicators
  • Deep customer analytics: Real-time, prescriptive, and predictive customer analytics
  • Tailored and efficient customer service: Deep analytics plus personalized experience 360, with IVR/chatbot integration
  • Risk and compliance: Extended network for risk decision-making, fraud analysis and real-time decision support, and data regulation compliance

Personalized marketing is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses that want to enhance customer relationships, build brand reputation, foster business growth, and remain competitive — and compliance with customer consent preferences is a key part of this effort. Learn more about how Snowflake + Securiti can bring all of these capabilities to your enterprise. Check out our webinar on “Exceptional Marketing Campaigns with Trusted Data from Snowflake and Securiti” to see how one customer has unlocked business value with this innovative solution.

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