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Command Your Data with Securiti and Snowflake Horizon

Published January 29, 2024

Snowflake Horizon and Securiti together deliver an interoperable partner solution to provide built-in governance across Snowflake and all hybrid multicloud data systems. Customers gain data visibility, streamlined access controls, end-to-end governance, and enhanced security for all data types, including within structured and unstructured systems. Together, Snowflake Horizon and Securiti customers can control all their data from one unified Data Command Center.

Securiti Data Command Center

Securiti is the pioneer of the Data Command Center, a centralized platform that enables the safe use of data and GenAI. It delivers full contextual data intelligence and unified controls across hybrid multicloud environments. This centralized platform enables organizations to address their data security, privacy, and governance obligations more efficiently, breaking down silos and streamlining collaboration. Large global enterprises rely on Securiti's Data Command Center and Snowflake to ensure enterprise standard, auditable data security, privacy, governance, and compliance.

Snowflake and Securiti: Leading the Way in Data Protection and Governance

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing solution designed to provide seamless data storage, integration, and analytics. It enables organizations to efficiently manage and analyze large volumes of structured and semi-structured data through a scalable and fully managed platform. Snowflake is often the centerpiece platform for enterprises leveraging cloud data as part of their overall strategy.

Working together, Securiti and Snowflake help customers get the full value of Snowflake while avoiding siloed data governance across large multi-region, multi-account Snowflake implementations.

“Modern organizations have tremendous opportunities to innovate with data, but today, more than ever, they need to do so without compromising security and privacy,” said Vikas Jain of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “For very large Snowflake implementations, the complexity is even greater. Securiti and Snowflake together expand value for customers by letting them set data policy, avoid silos and manage data in a single command center so they can innovate with confidence.”

Snowflake and Securiti Working Together to Command All Data and AI

Enterprises yearn for consistency in managing their Data and AI across various systems, Snowflake being a prime example. Leveraging deep integration with hundreds of other data connectors, including Snowflake data cloud, Securiti delivers a knowledge graph that captures rich metadata, regulatory information, policies, processes, and relationships between all these aspects. This knowledge graph is the shared intelligence that enables users across different teams in an organization to collaborate and build a central Data Command Center for automating data and AI controls.

This unified Data Command Center transcends people and infrastructure siloes, allowing businesses to seamlessly orchestrate governance, security, privacy, and compliance controls using a common grammar for detecting, labeling, and reporting on data and AI models across all environments.

This collaboration between Securiti and Snowflake enables customers to command their data and AI models through:

1. Contextual Data+AI Intelligence

Securiti's knowledge graph enables users to effortlessly answer a wide range of queries about their data and AI models in Snowflake and other cloud environments. This encompasses everything from basic questions, such as identifying sensitive data and AI models and determining which models or users have access to specific data, to more intricate questions involving the cross-border transfer of data. The solution offers boundless possibilities for enhancing data intelligence.

2. Unified Data Catalog

Building a centralized metadata repository to track datasets is essential for accelerating and governing data usage. Securiti employs automated data discovery and contextual intelligence to assist organizations in automatically registering their Snowflake and other datasets in a central catalog. This makes it easier for data analysts and scientists to find the data they need and to review its lineage and quality in order to determine its suitability for their specific data use case.

3. Data Access Intelligence

Understanding which users have access to data is essential for managing security and compliance risks. With Securiti, one can easily visualize the permissions different users and roles possess to access tables containing sensitive data in Snowflake and other data clouds. Additionally, reviewing access activities, such as the number of queries and the volume of sensitive data accessed by these users, serves as the basis for enforcing least privilege controls.

4. Data Access Governance

Achieving an equilibrium between data accessibility and control is paramount. This partnership facilitates full native access controls for both structured and unstructured data systems across multiple clouds. Users can orchestrate at-scale access entitlements, row-level filtering policies, and dynamic masking according to the sensitivity of data elements in Snowflake and other cloud platforms. The solution enables organizations to share datasets as broadly as possible with data analysts and scientists without compromising security and compliance policies.

5. Privacy Automation

Respecting the privacy of people’s data is a key obligation for all companies. With Securiti, users can easily build People Data Graphs (PDG) to find an individual’s personal data in Snowflake and other environments, as well as automate the data mapping exercise. This layer of intelligence enables organizations to build a fully functional privacy center that automates nearly all key operations, including privacy impact assessments (PIAs), data subject rights fulfillment, consent management, and breach impact analysis.

6. Compliance Management

Securiti offers a comprehensive library of predefined controls and tests, allowing for the efficient assessment of multiple compliance standards at once. By leveraging the knowledge graph, organizations can automatically assess their compliance posture, identifying which compliance controls have been passed or failed. In instances where compliance cannot be assessed automatically, users can incorporate human input through attestations, ensuring enforcement of relevant controls and tests. This integrated approach empowers organizations to adhere to a broad spectrum of compliance standards facilitated by their Data Command Center.

In essence, the collaboration between Securiti and Snowflake is a game-changer for shared customers. By enabling a unified Data Command Center, this integration fosters an environment of transparency and collaboration among various enterprise departments.

7. Multi-Region Deployment and Data Sovereignty

Customers can improve user experience across regions by using Securiti’s as a single view and management console for protecting sensitive data in cross-region data replication and synchronization for multiple Snowflake clusters.

8. Data Retention: Continuously Updated and Audited

Efficient storage and retrieval combined with improved query performance are key concerns for Snowflake data storage and management.  Another area in data storage and management is the data retention policy.  Securiti can identify sensitive data and apply the correct data retention policies through labels.

Customer Solutions

Digital Communications NASDAQ 100 company
Must meet privacy regulations, protect customer data and safeguard the firm’s brand.

This public American-based multinational firm uses and Snowflake together to find PII and mask it in Snowflake, MongoDB and Salesforce. This firm leverages Securiti to set consistent data policies that leverage native capabilities in Snowflake, and across all their customer datastores. The benefit for the firm is that it can enact a standard policy the same way across all customer experiences, protecting its brand and protecting core customer data from bad actors and possible breaches that damage company reputations.

CPG Personal Care Muli-National
Protecting employee data across multiple systems and countries.

This multinational, 30+ Billion dollar annual revenue personal care conglomerate boasts hundreds of brands and 10s of thousands of employees. This firm is working to protect employee data in almost every country using Securiti to find, classify sensitive data and then take policy-driven actions across diverse systems, including native masking in Snowflake, custom labeling for downstream, human approvals and notifications.

Financial Service Top U.S. Bank
Full context and data controls for accountable line of business data owners.

This top consumer bank focuses on customer relationships and must protect customer data across multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and Snowflake.  To do that, this firm started to gather full customer context and protect customer data in Snowflake by scanning for sensitive data across all assets, then giving data stewards and trusted actors the ability to set policies for what to do with that sensitive data. This firm has elected to create automated masking leveraging Snowflake’s native data protection capabilities.

Securiti extends the benefits of Snowflake's data management by streamlining operations across large Snowflake implementations at scale. The advantages of using Securiti and Snowflake together are:

  • Comprehensive Data Protection: The integration ensures that sensitive data is consistently protected across all data platforms and types, minimizing the risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.
  • Improved Decision-Making: By streamlining data governance and protection processes, organizations can quickly access valuable insights from their data, driving better decision-making in the financial sector.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Securiti’s platform reduces the need for manual intervention in data governance and protection, saving time and resources while optimizing Snowflake's pay-as-you-go pricing model.


By leveraging the technical features of both platforms, organizations can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge data management while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. For large-scale implementations, Securiti extends the benefits of Snowflake's data management across very large Snowflake implementations to improve decision-making and speed up innovation. To discuss how to drive data innovation in Snowflake, request a meeting with Securiti’s Snowflake expert now.

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