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Google CMP

This whitepaper provides you with the following:

  • The key elements of Google’s new CMP requirements
  • What features to look for when choosing a CMP solution
  • Best practices to adapt for better and more effective compliance


From January 2024 onwards, all publishers and developers in the EEA and UK region that use Google’s advertising services will be required to use a CMP that has been appropriately certified by Google to be in line with the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF).  

Consequently, businesses that fail to deploy a Google-certified CMP will be restricted from displaying their ads to the EEA and UK traffic, resulting in a significant reduction in market presence and customers. 

This whitepaper walks you through the finer details of these new requirements, what features to look for when choosing a CMP, best practices to adapt for better and more effective compliance, as well as the best tool that can help you do so.

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People Also Ask

Here are some other commonly asked questions related to the new Google CMP requirements:

Google Consent Mode (CMP) is a framework designed by Google. Its primary purpose is to enable website owners to manage their consent-related obligations when using cookies. As a result, websites can adjust their cookie policy depending on which regulations they're subject to or the consent choices of their users. Doing so allows for seamless regulatory compliance for businesses.

With Google Consent Mode, websites can modify their behavior and policies depending on user consent choices. If a user chooses not to accept cookies, Google Analytics will adjust accordingly, collecting only the most basic and functional data on the user's activity on the website.

Google Consent Mode carries several benefits for organizations. The most important among them include improved user trust and the ability to collect valuable user data without compromising their privacy. Similarly, websites can adjust their website's basic data collection functionalities based on user consent, allowing for compliant gathering of data. 

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