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Data Protection and Governance in the Age of GenAI

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Jocelyn Houle

Jocelyn Houle

Sr. Director of Product Management, Securiti

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

Security Product Management, Snowflake

In the rapidly evolving realm of generative AI (GenAI), data leaders are tasked with a crucial balance: unlocking GenAI's vast potential while maintaining stringent data protection and governance. This webinar shines a spotlight on the significant partnership between Snowflake and Securiti, illustrating how their collaboration propels innovation, minimizes risks, and solidifies trust in AI-driven endeavors.

We'll explore three pivotal enhancements brought forth by this partnership. Firstly, we delve into how improved user access management and secure data policies help comply with global data and AI regulations. Next, we’ll examine how the partnership optimizes data staging and ingestion, ensuring efficient data transformation and enrichment within Snowflake's ecosystem. Lastly, we discuss strategies for safeguarding sensitive data across diverse regions and Snowflake customers.

The webinar, featuring a panel of industry experts from Snowflake and Securiti, will cover:

  • The strategic benefits of integrating Securiti with Snowflake for superior data protection and governance
  • How this partnership ensures financial gain, reputation enhancement, and informed business decisions
  • Best practices for upholding data compliance and sovereignty in complex, multi-regional environments


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