'Most Innovative Startup 2020' by RSA - Watch the pitch video

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We are excited to be named “Most Innovative Startup 2020” as winner of the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest. We have always admired this competition, as it is based on a set of criteria that are critical for creating a successful company:

  • Are you solving an important problem?
  • Do you have compelling intellectual property?
  • Do you have a strong team?
  • Do you have a successful go-to-market strategy?

If you are delivering in all of these areas, you have the opportunity to build something special.

rsa 2020 securiti


The Proposition

Our value proposition can be summarized with the following tenants:

  1. Privacy is a basic human right. A wave of emerging privacy regulations, such as CCPA, GDPR and LGPD are reflective of the growing public awareness of this fact, and provide granular rights to individuals with respect to data protection, data access, data deletion and breach notifications.
  2. Organizations are challenged to efficiently comply with these new regulations and honor privacy rights of their consumers because data sprawls massively across systems and vendors. In addition current processes and tools have no real-time understanding of a unique individual’s data and require lots of manual work.
  3. A PrivacyOps framework leverages real-time personal data intelligence tied to individuals coupled with automation and orchestration to transform how organizations address privacy.
  4. An easy to use natural language interface brings rich data insights to practitioners across a range of privacy functions, in a holistic platform. Personal data sprawl is avoided, and a comprehensive log of all activity is readily tracked to demonstrate compliance.

Here’s the 3 minute pitch from RSA:


The Judges Weigh In

After careful deliberation amongst the judges, SECURITI.ai was selected as “Most Innovative Startup 2020” by RSA. Watch the judges after they reconvened:


RSAC Sandbox panel: Hugh Thompson, RSA Conference, Program Committee Chair; Asheem Chandna, Partner, Greylock Partners; Scott Darling, President, Dell Technologies Capital; Dorit Dor, Vice President, Products, Check Point Software Technologies; Patrick Heim, Operating Partner & CISO, ClearSky; Paul Kocher, Security Entrepreneur and Researcher.

Paul Kocher summarized the judges thoughts on what they liked about SECURITI.ai:

Starting with the problem that SECURITI.ai is focused on - which is privacy - and that’s a really important problem for individuals, for the companies that will be their customers, and for society broadly. So we were attracted by the problem being solved. The team is really strong. The business is going to be driven by in large part regulators forcing companies to buy stuff - which is a compelling way to sell things. . .The last of all the company’s presentation is really visionary . . .”- Paul Kocher, Security Entrepreneur and Researcher

News Coverage

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Tech Target, Arielle Waldman, Securiti.ai wins RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest

Venture Beat, Khari Johson, Securit.ai named Most Innovative Startup at RSA

Security Week, SECURITI.ai Wins RSA Conference 2020 Innovation Sandbox Contest

A BIG Thank You

We would like to thank the RSAC Innovation Sandbox team who put on a magnificent event. The team provided great support and guidance along the way and were truly professional in all aspects of planning and delivery. A special thank you to the judges for acknowledging SECURITI.ai’s product, our team and our vision with this prestigious award. We also thank and congratulate all of the finalists this year. As the judges mentioned this was a very competitive year and we are especially honored to have won among this field of finalists.

Next Steps

We welcome you to learn more about AI-Powered PrivacyOps and how it’s helping organizations transform how they manage privacy compliance - drastically reducing costs, reducing liability and risk and ensuring accuracy as they protect the personal data of their consumers.


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