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GDPR Readiness Assessment

Operationalizing your company’s processes to honor international customers can be challenging with data privacy laws. The well praised General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union has comprehensive provisions that businesses may find difficult to understand, let alone comply with.

  • GDPR applies to all businesses operating within the EU and those outside the EU that sell goods or services to EU customers or businesses.
  • Examine which regulations apply to your business, how your data processing is defined under the GDPR, and whether your security measures are sufficient to meet GDPR standards.
  • Establish and understand your duties concerning personal data processing based on your organization's practices.
  • Understand data subject rights, lawful basis of processing, need for updating privacy policies, establishing notification alerts, introducing security safeguards, vendor risk management, and more.

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Important Facts About GDPR

Finding out how compliant your business is with the GDPR is essential for continued survival and avoiding heavy penalties. Although the GDPR is an EU mandate, it impacts every country and applies to all entities, not just those in the EU, offering products and services to EU citizens.

The GDPR applies to virtually all categories of personal data and empowers data subjects with broad eight essential data subject rights enumerated in GDPR Articles 15 to 22. Additionally, the GDPR requires businesses to switch from opt-out to opt-in mode for collecting personal data.

Security safeguards are an essential requirement of the GDPR, where businesses must enforce adequate safety standards to administer safe data transfers between companies and countries. In the case of a data breach, businesses are required to report the incident within 72 hours of becoming aware of the data breach.

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How Securiti’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Helps You

Since its enactment in 2016, the GDPR has aimed to provide EU citizens more control over their personal data processing while still ensuring their privacy. Securiti’s GDPR Readiness Assessment is designed to help businesses comply with the GDPR to avoid noncompliance penalties.

The GDPR is broken down into 11 chapters and 99 articles, making it practically impossible for enterprises to comprehend and comply with on their own. Multiple regulations control how businesses operate, necessitating a GDPR Readiness Assessment to assist firms in complying with the law.

With the GDPR Readiness Assessment, you’ll understand your organization’s processes and be better equipped to adopt a GDPR compliance action plan once you've answered these GDPR Readiness Assessment questions.

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GDPR Readiness enables you to learn more about the law and how it applies to your business.

GDPR's seven principles are lawfulness, fairness, and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitation; integrity and confidentiality (security); and accountability.

GDPR Assessment will evaluate the security of personal data on the network, applications, and software, as well as the readiness of the organization to respond to a cyber-attack.

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