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Data Catalog

Provide Data Governance and Security insight with the Securiti Data Catalog

Data Catalog


Data Catalog

In today's data-driven landscape, organizations face the daunting task of not only locating and safeguarding their data but also comprehending its context and optimizing its utility. Securiti's innovative solution empowers organizations to effortlessly catalog and manage their corporate data, facilitating easy discovery, understanding, and trust-building around data assets. Say goodbye to the complexities of data governance and embrace a new era of streamlined data management with Securiti's Enterprise Data Catalog.

Securiti Enterprise Data Catalog Key Features:

Accelerate Data Analysis

Reduce time on data validation and focus on analysis to enhance business decisions.

Track Data Lineage

Follow the lifecycle of data, including its various transformations.

Collaborate Effectively

Discover, understand, and govern your corporate data efficiently.

Build Data Trust

Easily locate, interpret, and secure sensitive data.

Drive Innovation

Unleash data's full potential for revenue and growth.

Ensure Compliance

Facilitate data insights for privacy, security, & governance teams to avoid regulatory issues and fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

A data catalog is a centralized repository that enables organizations to manage their data assets. It offers a systematic approach to organizing, categorizing, and providing metadata around the vast amount of data generated by businesses, facilitating easier discovery and access for users. Typically, a data catalog uses metadata, descriptions, and other annotations to make data sources more understandable and discoverable.

A data catalog serves as a single source of truth for an organization's data assets. Its primary functions include:

  • Indexing and storing metadata associated with each data source.
  • Providing a searchable interface for users to discover and access relevant data.
  • Enhancing data governance by tracking data lineage and usage.
  • Facilitating collaboration by allowing users to annotate, tag, and comment on data sets.
  • Ensuring data quality and accuracy by maintaining up-to-date metadata and descriptions.

There are primarily three types of data catalogs:

  1. Enterprise Data Catalogs: Comprehensive solutions designed for large organizations to manage vast amounts of data across different departments and systems.
  2. Domain-specific Data Catalogs: Tailored for specific industries or use cases, such as healthcare, finance, or retail, offering specialized metadata and annotations.
  3. Open-source Data Catalogs: Freely available solutions that organizations can customize and integrate into their existing data infrastructure, such as Amundsen or DataHub.

The primary benefits of a data catalog include:

  1. Improved Data Discovery: Makes it easier for users to find relevant data sets, cutting down on time spent searching for data.
  2. Enhanced Data Governance: By providing insights into data lineage, usage, and quality, it helps maintain data integrity and compliance.
  3. Collaboration Boost: Allows teams to collaborate, share insights, and annotate data sets, fostering a data-driven culture.
  4. Data Security: Helps in understanding and tracking who accesses what data, thereby aiding in ensuring data privacy and adherence to regulations.
  5. Optimized Decision-making: With easy access to accurate and relevant data, organizations can make more informed decisions quickly.

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