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Six Different Insider Threats & Data Access Intelligence & Governance Can Reduce Your Risk

Insider threats can cause serious financial and reputation damage, further weakening customer trust. Download this infographic to learn more about:

  • What root enablers are behind the growing number of insider threats?
  • How to reduce insider attacks with autonomous data governance.
  • How to protect sensitive data against internal threats.


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Insider threats are a serious threat to all organizations' cybersecurity, whether such threats are brought to life intentionally or carelessly. Although insider threats are becoming more commonly understood to be dangerous, not enough organizations are dedicating enough resources to reduce the risk they pose.

Fortunately, automating operations enables organizations to reduce insider threats and significantly reduce and eliminate evolving risks.

Six Different Insider Threats & How Data Access Intelligence & Governance Can Reduce Your Risk

Our Readers Frequently Ask:

Anyone with access to a company's physical or digital assets poses a danger known as an insider threat. Insiders are anyone with authorized access to a company's network and computer systems, including current employees, ex-employees, contractors, vendors, or business partners. Insiders can be financially motivated, politically motivated, or any other form of motivation/reservation that they might have regarding the organization.

While several indications might point toward an individual being a threat, typical signs include unusual login and access requests to an organization’s data assets, an increase in privilege requests, excessive downloading of data restricted to a single download or device, unusual behavior, and acting strangely.

Automation is the best way to reduce or eliminate the risk of insider threats. By automating access governance, businesses can significantly lower their chances of being victimized by an insider. Additionally, businesses can carry out risk assessments, implement security safeguards, and physically inspect for suspicious activity.

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