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8 Privacy Tips for a Successful Marketer

How to market while complying with global privacy laws and user consent requirements

In this infographic, you will learn about:

  • Ways in which marketers and marketing agencies can utilize data without violating an individual’s rights.
  • The importance of consent when obtaining the personal data of an individual for marketing purposes.
  • How marketing teams can harness the power of automated workflows for honoring data subject rights.


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Automation and an increasing number of technologies are being used in marketing. As a result, marketers now need to use the most recent marketing tools and adapt their marketing tactics while ensuring their activities do not infringe upon an individual’s rights.

Given the amount of data being generated and obtained through various online methods, protecting the information is crucial if marketers want to avoid being hacked, exploited, or face penalties for not ensuring privacy and security measures to protect data.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

Marketers can use a variety of ways to protect their consumer's privacy, such as collecting data that is absolutely necessary, limiting who has access to the data, enforcing two-factor authentication for passwords, and eliminating data residing in silos, to name a few.

Consumers have the right to decide how other businesses and organizations use their data. Marketers are responsible for collecting only the information they’ll require for their marketing purposes and not including unnecessary information such as financial information, etc.

Most businesses maintain sensitive personal data that can be used to identify customers or workers, including names, Social Security numbers, credit card information, home address, and other account information. This information is regarded as sensitive in many data privacy laws and must be always secured.

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