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Top 7 Employer's Privacy Obligations

Download this infographic to learn the Employer's Privacy Obligations In the era of work from anywhere.

In this infographic, you will learn about:

  • Which data privacy laws apply to your organization?
  • How to limit and secure your collected, processed, transferred, and stored employee data?
  • How can you prepare for security breaches of employee Personal Data?
  • How to maintain Personal Data accuracy and monitor compliance with all applicable data protection laws?
  • How to minimize exposure from legal violations and security breaches


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When it comes to employee rights, employers are the ones who need to ensure employee rights are honored and protected. With employees now working from home post-pandemic and doing remote work from across the globe, employers must ensure that employees' private information is secured and that they can still exercise their right to privacy.

This infographic reveals the most important privacy obligations that employers (organizations) must handle while hiring, onboarding, and managing the personal data of their employees.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

An employer is responsible for safeguarding the health, welfare, and safety of their workers and any other individuals whom their job activities may impact. Employers are required to take all reasonable steps to do this. Similarly, an employer also has privacy obligations to ensure that their employees' personal and sensitive data is kept private.

Workplace environments vary from industry to industry. Privacy issues common across workplace environments include physical searches, video surveillance, background checks, social media monitoring, medical information verification, and many more.

Tapping into an employee's personal matters is an example of how an employer intrudes on their privacy. The employer may be held responsible for the invasion of privacy, for example, if the employer reads the employee's personal emails on the employee's phone.

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Top 7 Employer’s Privacy Obligations

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