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Driving Innovation and Business Value through Data Access Insights

Published March 2, 2023 / Updated December 18, 2023

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Organizations rely on data to drive innovation, gain valuable business insights, and drive revenue opportunities. Data insight means companies have a greater understanding of their customers' needs, how they can be unique in the marketplace, as well as how they can make critical decisions to grow their business. There is a desire to leverage this data broadly, sharing it internally, and with business partners. Data sharing is a way to boost business outcomes through more robust analytics to solve business challenges and meet enterprise goals. Though broadly sharing data can drive business value, it can also leave companies open to exposure when the wrong people access sensitive data. Organizations must ensure that only authorized people are accessing sensitive data so key data privacy and security obligations are met, while driving as much value from their data simultaneously.

In cloud environments, robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools are essential for organizations to control user and role access to systems and data. To effectively leverage IAM tools, organizations must understand the sensitive nature of the data that users and roles can access. Without insight into the data, it is challenging for organizations to recognize if sensitive data is at risk and how to protect it effectively. The lack of data insight can leave companies blind as to who can access sensitive data and who should be able to access it. Access controls alone are not enough; it is necessary to know what the data is, its sensitivity, and who has access to it.

Additionally, organizations must meet regulatory requirements regarding personal and sensitive data. In order to comply with these regulations, it requires insight into who is accessing the data and from where, as well as where the data is located. This is especially important to meet privacy regulations, especially around the cross-border transfer of sensitive data.

In order to effectively protect sensitive data and ensure that only the correct individuals are accessing sensitive data while still enabling the broad usage of the data to drive business value, granular insight into the data and data access is needed.

Organizations must understand:

  • All the data systems in their environment that contain sensitive data
  • Sensitive data that exists within these systems
  • The geographic location of the data
  • All users and roles that have access to this sensitive data
  • Where users are accessing data from
  • The data regulation that applies to data and users

Securiti's Data Access Intelligence and Governance goes beyond other solutions by providing deep insight into all sensitive data within a corporate environment. With this baseline understanding of sensitive data, Securiti can provide analytical insight into what users are accessing sensitive data within a company's environment. By collecting information on roles and permissions and mapping it to metadata on a company's data assets and sensitive data, Securiti gains awareness of which users and roles are accessing what sensitive data.

Data Access Intelligence and Governance automatically create linkages between users, roles, and data, providing granular insight into which users have specific roles and what sensitive data elements a user or role can access and has access. It also provides information on how frequently a specific user or role accesses sensitive data.

Organizations can explore further and gain an understanding of the types and categories of sensitive data being accessed, as well as the actual system and table that the data is being accessed from. This enables companies to better protect sensitive data by knowing who can access different types of sensitive data and implementing more effective and granular access policies driven by the data, making the overall corporate data environment more efficient and secure. This eliminates the blocks to broad data sharing and usage, driving innovation and business value.

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