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PrivacyOps: Rethinking Privacy Compliance as CCPA Becomes Reality

Join Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, Heidi Shey and CEO of, Rehan Jalil as they discuss the impact of global privacy regulations as well as the best practices to enable your organization to effectively comply with them.
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Heidi Shey

Heidi Shey

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil

CEO, Securiti

Our guest Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research and Rehan Jalil, CEO of discussed the impact of these new privacy regulations as well as best practices to enable your organization to effectively comply with CCPA.

CCPA is believed to be the most comprehensive privacy compliance regulation the US has ever seen. In the spirit of GDPR, CCPA provides broad rights to consumers over their personal data held by corporations, including the rights of access, control and consent. Expected to impact over 500,000 companies, CCPA will challenge traditional compliance practices that have been primarily anchored around surveys and assessments. This is a prime opportunity for companies to explore automating privacy compliance, which can not only reduce cost and complexity, but can also provide a business advantage through building a trusted relationship with consumers. Similar to the DevOps framework for agile software development, PrivacyOps is a modern approach for operationalizing privacy across the many organizational silos in an automated framework. ‍


Topics examined

  • Key aspects of the CCPA and its impact on organizations
  • The benefits of building a robust privacy compliance program
  • How robotic automation can reduce the cost and complexity of identifying personal data
  • How to automate the processing of Data Subject Requests
  • Streamlining internal and external vendor assessments
  • Linking consent management into a holistic privacy compliance framework


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