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Understanding the Value of Data Privacy Certifications

By Securiti Research Team
Published October 6, 2021 / Updated April 10, 2023

Data privacy is gaining momentum globally as organizations begin to realize supplementary benefits beyond privacy compliance. Cisco reports in its Cybersecurity Series 2019 that organizations acknowledge that privacy maturity provides a supplement to agility, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Privacy maturity doesn’t solely rely on the technology that the organization deploys. It also depends on the right team that integrates and drives the technology efficiently. This is only possible if an organization’s security and privacy personnel have a complete understanding of and insights into different cybersecurity practices, security frameworks, and privacy regulations.

Therefore, data privacy certifications play an integral role in helping organizations strengthen their data privacy protection practices, mitigate risks, and leverage PrivacyOps solutions.

The Significance of Data Privacy Certifications for Professionals and Organizations

Data privacy certifications demonstrate that an organization’s data management team has the knowledge and skills to handle their customers’ personal data effectively. Certifications also exhibit the organization’s seriousness toward data privacy and protection.

How Data Privacy Certifications Deliver Competitive Advantage to Organizations

  • Shows Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

    Globally, internet users are now more concerned about their privacy than they were a few years ago. According to Cisco’s Cybersecurity Series 2019 report, 48% of privacy-conscious users switched service providers because of inappropriate data privacy practices.

    Organizations can retain their customers while adding credibility to their data collection and privacy practices with professional certifications. With these certifications, organizations can demonstrate their proactive approach to managing and protecting their customers’ personal and sensitive data.

  • Adds Credibility To The Organization

    Professional privacy certifications also add to the reputation of organizations, helping them drive better partnerships. This fact is further proved by Cisco’s Data Privacy Benchmark Study 2020 that privacy certifications act as a buying factor for organizations.

  • Builds Trust in the Organization’s Brand

    Trust is the driving force behind any organization’s success. A Salesforce research reports that customers believe trust is now an essential motivating factor than a few years ago. But the fact also remains that trust is difficult to earn. The same study also reports that 54% of customers believe it is more difficult than ever for companies to earn their trust.

    Privacy certifications enable companies to earn and retain the trust of their customers by embracing ethical data collection and handling practices. Professional certifications validate those practices.

How Data Privacy Certifications Bring Value to Professionals

  • Gives a Professional Edge

    The data privacy software market is worth $1.57 billion as of 2021, and it is expected to grow to $17.75 billion by 2028. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect more professionals to enter the privacy industry in the coming years.

    A privacy certification can deliver professionals a competitive edge over other candidates as it validates their technical expertise and skills.

  • Certified Professionals Get More Recognition

    With industry-leading certifications, professionals get special recognition from current or potential employers. It helps recruiters shortlist candidates with valid proof of the skills and expertise that the candidates claim to possess on their resumes. It also displays the personal drive of the candidate for further excellence and growth.

  • Makes People Eligible for Promotion

    Certifications can be a real differentiating factor in helping professionals for a career change or get internal promotions. Organizations tend to value employees who have a high craving for knowledge and growth. Certifications exhibit that craving of an individual, making them more eligible for promotions.

The Securiti Education Program

At Securiti, our mission is to enable organizations to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, compliance, and privacy risks.

Securiti Education is a critical part of our mission to create a community of well-trained Data Privacy & Security Professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve modern Data Privacy & Security problems.

Find out more about the Securiti Education here.

Securiti Education’s Certifications include:

PrivacyOps Certification

The PrivacyOps Certification is designed to cater to aspiring and existing privacy professionals alike. The program offers learners insights into the modern privacy framework, the importance of privacy governance, and autonomous data intelligence for effective privacy management.

The PrivacyOps Certification includes up to 11 modules, followed by 9 short quizzes, and a certification exam at the end. Learners are awarded badges upon completion of every module.

Try the certification now - Its FREE

Securiti Fundamentals Certification

Securiti Fundamentals trains Securiti’s partners, customers and prospects on navigating its products and solutions. In this certification, you will learn about Securiti’s products such as Sensitive Data Intelligence, Data Subject Rights Robotic Automation, Data Mapping, and many more in a simple, condensed format. After completing this course, you will have a foundation understanding of operationalizing our products in your environment.

Securiti Fundamentals includes 10 modules, 8 short quizzes, and a certification exam.

Find out more about Securiti Fundamentals here.

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At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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