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A Brief Overview of Global Privacy Control (GPC)

In this infographic, you will learn the following:

  • What exactly is the Global Privacy Control (GPC)?
  • Who introduced the GPC?
  • What does the GPC mean for user privacy?
  • What does the GPC mean under GDPR & CCPA?
  • How does the GPC work?


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User information, such as their likes and dislikes, time spent on a page, device information, and purchasing habits, is gathered, processed, sold, and transferred to the highest bidder. All this is usually done in the background without the user’s consent or knowledge.

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a global technical specification that informs data controllers and processors about a user’s privacy choices. This is done through the GPC, a browser-based opt-out tool or mechanism that automatically notifies websites, advertisers, and publishers on the internet of users' opt-out consent signals.

A Brief Overview of Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Our Readers Frequently Ask:

The goal of the GPC signal is to make it clear that data controllers should refrain from selling or sharing a person's personal information with other controllers. Each time a user agent communicates with the server, it makes this request.

In April 2020, the GPC was introduced at the Privacy Community Group (Privacy CG) meeting of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Over 50 million users are currently using GPC to confirm their privacy choices. Since its start, it has gained tremendous support and is warmly embraced.

GPC allows people to utilize their browsers to inform websites and services of their preferred privacy settings. This signal conveys what people anticipate from the internet sharing and selling their data. Additionally, this feature encourages consumer and business transparency and confidence.

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