IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


Foundations of a Next-Gen Data Security Program

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John Janachowski

John Janachowski

Chief Information Security Officer, AAR Corp

Nikhil Girdhar

Nikhil Girdhar

Sr. Director, Securiti

Research shows that a robust data security program is a strategic business advantage for companies. But building such a program requires a strong data command center for managing policies and controls that protect data across the hybrid multicloud landscape. The role of a data command center is to help the organization achieve the delicate balance between reducing risk and meeting business objectives. Meet our expert panel to learn why companies are building data command centers to modernize their data security programs.

Join us and learn about the best practices for:

  • Building the business case for a modern data security program
  • Managing data risk across the dynamic hybrid multi-cloud landscape
  • Prioritizing risk mitigation strategies to protect most sensitive data
  • Using automation to enable secure data sharing within & outside company
  • Proactively manage breach response using risk quantification & automation tools
  • Collaborating with governance, privacy, compliance, & business teams


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