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The CISO's Guide to DSPM and Beyond
Securing Sensitive Data at Scale

This whitepaper is a guide for CISOs who are looking to extend beyond DSPM to safeguard their data everywhere. Key takeaways include:

  • How DSPM is a critical step orgs need for a next-generation approach
  • How to enable a unified Data Command Center that protects sensitive data everywhere
  • 3 business benefits to having a unified, centralized Data Command Center


Companies’ security teams need to safeguard their data everywhere, at scale, to minimize risk across their entire organization — and that can be a tall order as the “big bang” era of data grows even more voluminous, diverse, and complex.

Data security posture management (DSPM) is critical to addressing gaps in public cloud security, but CISOs who are looking to cover gaps in on-prem systems, data in motion, hybrid cloud, SaaS systems, and beyond must look beyond DSPM to build a next-generation data security program that will enable the safe use of data in a scalable, extensible, and future-proofed way.

Access the whitepaper to start building hyper-scalability into your enterprise’s data platform and enable a centralized Data Command Center that will unlock data insight to drive business outcomes and protect sensitive data across all of an enterprise’s cloud, on-prem, and SaaS systems — for years to come.

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