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14 Key Controls for the Cloud & How To Implement the CDMC Framework

In this whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • Define the appropriate policies and technology decisions to conform to the CDMC framework
  • Establish clear accountability, controls, and governance for data migrated to or created in cloud environments
  • Know what data resides in cloud environments and the sensitivity of each of the data assets
  • Enabling tracking for automating data access controls
  • Establish a data lifecycle
  • Control and maintain required transparency, security, and protection levels


The EDM Council has taken a step towards more secure and governed data cloud infrastructure with the recent announcement of the CDMC Framework. This white paper is a complete guide on how your organization can implement the CDMC framework in your cloud environments. It covers 37 best practices for organizations adopting cloud services and highlights the 14 critical controls required to manage sensitive data within a cloud infrastructure.

To learn how you can establish and uphold the principles of the CDMC framework, download the whitepaper now.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

The EDM Council is a Global Association created to elevate the practice of Data Management as a business and operational priority.

Cloud data management is the practice of storing a company's data on an offsite server that is typically owned and overseen by a vendor who specializes in cloud data hosting.

The Data Management Capability Model defines the capabilities required to establish, enable and sustain a mature data management discipline. Read the whitepaper to know the regulations published by the EDM Council.

Cloud-first strategies are operations strategies where teams move all or most of their infrastructure to cloud-computing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Instead of using physical resources like server clusters, they house resources in the cloud.

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