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Insights from Forrester Guest Speaker on the Evolution of Privacy Management in 2022 and Beyond

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Enza Iannopollo

Enza Iannopollo

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil

CEO, Securiti

According to the most recent Forrester Wave for Privacy Management Software (Q4 2021), two trends have dominated the privacy landscape: continuity and disruption. Continuity as governments continued to issue new privacy regulations. Disruption as companies transformed their traditional, legal-focused approach to privacy and embraced more data-oriented and technical skills and leaders in the effort to further operationalize their privacy programs to satisfy current and future needs. Join our guest speaker Enza Iannopollo, Principal Analyst with Forrester and author of The Forrester WaveTM: Privacy Management Software, Q4, 2021, as she shares her insights into how companies are evolving their approach to privacy management, including privacy roles, responsibilities, and solutions’ key features and capabilities as they design and execute forward-looking privacy programs. Joining Enza and Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti, offering their insights on how some of the largest organizations are addressing these complex requirements, and where the market is headed.

What you will learn:

  • Insights from the latest Forrester Wave for Privacy Management Software
  • Current and upcoming trends in the privacy marketplace impacting buying and implementation decisions
  • Key criteria to consider when evaluating privacy management solutions. How unified privacy platforms are trending vs ensemble of siloed privacy products
  • Insights on how organizations have successfully adopted automated PrivacyOps solution


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