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Managing Data in Hybrid Cloud Environments


Jack Berkowitz

Jack Berkowitz

CDO, Securiti

Listen to an insightful discussion with Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Securiti, as he shares his journey from being a practitioner to leading data governance as CDO at ADP. This conversation, hosted by theCUBE's Dave Vellante and Shelley Kramer, delves into the evolving landscape of data and security.


  • Data and Security Integration: Jack discusses how data and security are increasingly intertwined, reflecting on his experience at ADP and the coordination challenges he faced.
  • Hybrid Cloud Environments: Explore the importance of protecting data across various cloud environments and the unique approach Securiti takes to secure data flows between public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • LLMs and Data Security: Discover how Securiti is addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by large language models (LLMs), ensuring data security and compliance in a rapidly evolving AI landscape.


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